The Challenges and Responsibilities of Bringing Through Information from God, The Holy Spirit

Barbara Rose, Ph.D.

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Bringing through information from God, The Holy Spirit, Divine Source to clients brings tremendous joy. With this joy is also a deep and important responsibility to bring through only the pure truth, and not censor the information, even if it might not be what a client wants to hear.

Out of the thousands of clients located all over the globe I have brought through information for, there have been a total of three that were “not happy. ”

One was a 42 year old person in a deeply enmeshed relationship with their parents, still living at home, under the rule of Mom and Dad. It came through that the person needed to claim their independence, learn self sufficiency, and live their life purpose.

Another person drank alcohol seven days a week and it came thorough that they were an alcoholic, and if they wanted their life to change, becoming sober would be required.

Another person felt deeply insecure in their marriage. The description of the person’s spouse’s personality came through, and that it would take the client between three to five years to come to terms with their unhappiness in their marriage, so that they can have one with a spouse that was not flirting with others, even in front of the client, as this was causing the client feelings that were unpleasant to say the least.

So while there is great care in a client’s joy and happiness, there came deep sadness in “not pleasing” a client. What is a pure channel to do? Censor the information? Candy coat it to ease the client’s ego? Or dare to bring through the pure truth from God, the Holy Spirit, Divine Source, even if it may not be what a client “wants to hear”? I am a big believer in the saying: “The truth shall set you free” as well as: “To thine own self be true. ” I would not be doing the client any favor whatsoever to censor what they might not want to hear, for this is a part of their soul growth, and even in planting the seeds of truth, somehow, somewhere in “time” the client will hopefully face their deepest truth so that they can soar on all levels of their life.

I remember sitting feeling great sadness in not “pleasing a client” and I thought to myself: “this must be how Jesus felt when he was lashed out at for bringing truth to others, even when they did not want to hear it. ” Then, I learned from a respected colleague that all my responsibility was, was to bring through the truth. How they take it, and what they do with the information has nothing to do with me, nor can I “save or fix” them. Moreover, I do not have any control whatsoever of their reactions.

So in this light, a pure channel cannot take anything personally.

We are to simply bring through the pure truth, and pray that the client will do only that which is for his or her highest good.

We can only have a pure heart, and pure motives, to be of Divine service to help clients by bringing through pure truth from the light of God, The Holy Spirit, Divine Source. However, It is not our “responsibility” to do the work for our clients.

Barbara Rose, PhD. most widely known as “Born To Inspire" is the best selling author of “Know Yourself", “If God Hears Me, I Want an Answer!", “Stop Being the String Along", “If God Was Like Man" and Individual Power. She is an internationally recognized expert in the field of personal transformation, relationships and spiritual awakening. Barbara is a pioneering force in incorporating Higher Self Communication, the study and integration of humanity’s God-Nature into modern personal growth and spiritual evolution. Her highly acclaimed books, public speaking events, tele-seminars, widely published articles, and intensives have transformed the lives of thousands across the globe. She is the founder of IHSC -Institute of Higher Self Communication, inspire! Magazine and Rose Humanitarian Alliance. Barbara holds a Ph. Metaphysics and works in cooperation with some of the greatest spiritual leaders of our time, to uplift the spiritual consciousness of humanity. Visit her website


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The Holy Spirit Shows You 'Things To Come'
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