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How to Perform Mantra Meditation

Kamil Jain

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In recent years, mantra meditation has become more popular. It consists of two components, which are meditating and chanting mantras. It requires consistent practice and will affect many positive changes in your life. If you are new at this, the first thing that you want to do is figure out why you want to use this type of meditation. There are many different reasons for meditating from attaining a spiritual connection to many different health benefits. By figuring out why you want to use mantra meditation it can help you find the best mantras to chant while meditating. Some of the health benefits include decreasing your depression and anxiety, lowering your heart rate and blood pressure, and having greater feelings of relaxation. The spiritual benefits can include liberating your mind and being able to let go of things you cannot control.

The next step is to the appropriate mantras for what you need. One goal of chanting is to be able to feel their vibrations, which can help you receive positive changes along with entering a deep state of meditation. Each mantra has a different vibration so that is why you need to find the one that goes along with what you need. Some examples of mantas include:

• Aum or om this is the most basic mantra you can chant. It will create positive vibrations in your lower abdomen.
• Maha mantra this can help you achieve peace of mind and salvation.

Your mantra meditation is not complete without setting your intention, or what you need. Once this is done you lightly touch the bases of your palms moving on to the palms themselves and then your fingers. Once done you will have made the prayer hands. To let the energy flow you can leave a little space between your palms. Bow your chin towards your chest lightly. When doing this at home you want to make sure that you find a comfortable place to meditate. It should also be a quiet place so no one will disturb you and cause you to break your concentration. To help you not be over stimulated from the light look for a dark place.

Sit in cross-legged position with your eyes closes and your hips slightly elevated above your knees. This position will help you sit with a straight spine, which is needed for your body to absorb the chant’s vibrations. Put your hands on your thighs lightly. Use beads mala to help keep yourself focused. Focus on your breath but do not control it. Start your chant. There are no particular ways to chant or how many you should do. When you finish your chants meditate silently as long as you like. Try to meditate each day.

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