Why Pray for the World?


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When every heart is equipped with selfishness in the world, when every mind consumes logic alone, when every hand earns for itself, when every movement of man’s legs treads towards the path of ‘greed’, when every beat of his heart is filled with insecurity, when there is no respect for other beings, when a man is unmindful of his neighbour’s sufferings, why on this earth should we pray for the whole world? This question is often pondered by many.

All the above prove we exist in the age of Kali. But despite all, we have to pray for others’ welfare, for we are human. Being human is the greatest boon man should avail of. For this, he should be grateful to the Lord and the only way to show his gratitude to Him is to pray for the welfare of the whole world. God is happy when you are selfless, for that is the very characteristic feature of a human being. Peace should be his only motive. Peace should not be at individual level alone but at a global level.

What can a normal human being do to promote peace in the world will be the next question. Be peaceful at heart and let your heart smile at all times despite the materialistic problems in life. Problems are eternal shadows of human life. The best way to get rid of them is to try to trim down their intensity. Let your heart relax and live in peace though the mind fluctuates. There is nothing wrong in trying. Every trial leads to a hobby. When it becomes a hobby, anything seems to be easy.

As soon as you wake up from your bed be it any time, pray thus- ‘Let the whole world rest in peace. ’ It is a well known prayer but we hardly pray so. With conviction, I say these words – this World Peace Prayer is so effective and fruitful. Never the results go in vain. Please allot 20 seconds per day out of 24 hours to say this prayer. If you can feel it when you utter this, it works wonders. If not uttered with feeling too, it is fine. But please chant this prayer. When you habituate your mind and heart this way, with out your knowledge you will utter this prayer every day. The fruits of a prayer are like the seeds of a plant or a tree. Few seeds sprout up in few days, few take months to form in to a plant and few take years to form in to a tree. Just because we do not see a tree grow in a day, do we ignore its existence or result? We wait with patience and similar is the case with prayers too. The effects show up when they ought to. We should never doubt them.

When we pray for the world peace and happiness, ‘WE’ who live in the world are also included in the prayers unknowingly and no doubt we will be in peace when we pray for others. I am not trying to be selfish but by any means we have to inculcate this habit of praying with unity. Unified prayers are more effective. Can the God stand still while the world is selflessly praying for peace? He will sojourn from Heaven to Earth to crown Mother Earth with Peace. Good luck from this moment on. Let us strive for the world peace from individual level to promote peace globally. Let the constraints of religion, caste, nationality or any other dare not raise their hoods while humanity treads towards the goal of global Peace.

Let us chant the Sanskrit prayer for world peace thus-


“May you form a brick of peace and unite with others to build a World mansion of Happiness. ” - Sharmila Sanka

About the Author

With pride that I have been blessed with a human form, I always craved to grab any opportunity in order to utilize this human birth to the fullest and at last I found the answer to my craving mind and it was no other than ‘Spirituality. ’

My little heart panged for the desire to quench my thirst of ‘releasing the heaviness’ which resided inside of it since years. It hungered after the soul within asking to reveal more of life – Materialistic and Spiritual in the form of Articles and Quotations which had the sole purpose of sharing it with other human beings not for name or fame but to tame this little mind towards the higher goal of ‘Global Peace’ on this earth plane.

Sharmila Sanka
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