How Does God Look Like?


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The whole place was crowded with adults, kids and old people from all the four corners of the town. The prayer ended and Kathy was holding her daughter’s hand in order not to miss from the crowd. Kathy and her daughter Rosie at last got in to their car from the Church.

They are on their way home traveling with the cool breeze and admiring nature’s beauty.

“Mommy, who is this being called God?” asked 15 year old Rosie.

“He is consciousness, energy and pure selflessness. ” Kathy answered.

“How does God look like mommy?” asked Rosie.

Mommy thought for a few minutes and then said-

“The globe is His Face; the Sun and the Moon are His two Eyes. When one eye is asleep, the other eye dispenses the light to the world. His nose is the center place of the Air; His mouth is the heart of the emergence of the divine Sound. His ears are the openings which await the Prayers of the beings. His throat is the manifestation of Truth. His shoulders bear the weight of our Sins and his heart represents the Life on this earth plane. His stomach is the Universe and His two hands are the very embodiments of Selflessness and Righteousness. His legs tread on the path of Love and Peace. His feet help us cross this ocean of worldly existence and the fragrance one feels as he walks is divinity. ”

“Mommy, your description looks beautiful but can’t we feel His divine touch? How can we feel him in times of sorrow?” questioned Rosie.

“Rosie, in times of sorrow, when the cool breeze touches your cheeks, realize it is God who is helping you find solace in it. When the rain drops touch and cool the ground heated with the rays of the Sun, it is then realize that it is God consoling the dry earth with His love of rain. When an infant cries to its peaks and stops at the touch of his mother’s hand, it is then realize that God is caressing her in the form of a mother. When you have immersed yourself with mistakes and when your little heart is heavy with the feeling of guilt, it is then realize you have stepped on to the first step of God’s forgiveness. When you see the world in distress and when you feel the deserted hearts of the people, it is then realize that God is healing them and showering His love and grace through you. When your eyes shed a tear drop at the pangs of hunger of the little ones, it is then realize that God is feeding them with your tear drop. ”

“Can I truly see God physically with my eyes mommy?” asked Rosie wiping her tears of happiness.

“If only you have faith, you can see Him, feel Him and speak to Him. He is right before you waiting to be invoked but we seem to be so busy sometimes that our eyes go blind and our ears go deaf despite having him before us. He is omnipresent and omniscient. It is we who have to learn to live wisely as His children. ” Answered mommy.

Rosie said- “Thank you mommy for your great explanation on God. I shall retain it in my heart. ”

“God is like the comfort of the cool breeze on a sunny day. ” - Sharmila Sanka

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With pride that I have been blessed with a human form, I always craved to grab any opportunity in order to utilize this human birth to the fullest and at last I found the answer to my craving mind and it was no other than ‘Spirituality. ’

My little heart panged for the desire to quench my thirst of ‘releasing the heaviness’ which resided inside of it since years. It hungered after the soul within asking to reveal more of life – Materialistic and Spiritual in the form of Articles and Quotations which had the sole purpose of sharing it with other human beings not for name or fame but to tame this little mind towards the higher goal of ‘Global Peace’ on this earth plane.

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