Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: Your Renewable Energy Source

Rebecca Skeele

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Does this sound familiar? “Where am I going to find the time? I don't have time for this!"

Time is not a renewable commodity. You create lack in trying to cram to-dos, jobs, activities, children and relationships into 24/7.

Vital life energy, on the other hand, IS renewable. Your divine nature has a direct line to this expansive, unlimited source. What does it take to unhook your perception of lack and connect to this expansive source?

Try this visualization. . .

Imagine your are standing over the mother spring of a clear, sparkling, pure source of water. Sit for a moment next to this bubbling fountain of pristine liquid and breathe in the life force that is present. Listen to the gentle sounds. . . and reflect on how alive it feels. . . It never stops!

Now, plunge your hands in this cool stream and take a sip. This water is so sweet in taste that your deepest thirst is instantly quenched. Sit here a few moments. . . allow the water to melt away the tension in your neck and shoulders.

Take another sip.

This flowing, gushing water represents the divine energy that is available to you at any moment. . . all day long.

Now, jump in. Go ahead. Immerse yourself in the holy vibration from the Source. Take deep, slow breaths allowing this liquid light to fill every cell and atom of your being.

What if, during the weeks ahead, you focused on what is renewable - ever present - always available - vast and limitless. . . rather than what seems to be ticking away?

The energy you feel or not during your day can be redirected and reconnected to divine flow. Begin to ask yourself:

Do I have the energy for this? (Rather than do I have the time for this?)

Stop the Leaks

As you tap your unlimited well of energy, creativity and vital life force you may begin to notice how some days you wake up tired and go to bed tired. Ask yourself, what has happened to my energy? Why am I so tired?

Leaks in your energy field happen on many different levels and for many different reasons. Here are few for you to monitor:

Keeping agreements. Even small agreements with yourself (I'm going to bed tonight at 10pm) when broken leak energy. Big agreements not kept (I'm losing 10 pounds this month) pull the plug and undermine the best intentions.

Incompletes. All those unanswered letters, emails, phone calls, unread books, stacks of magazines, unfinished hobby projects around the house drain your vital energy reserve. At the end of each day declare all unfinished or incomplete projects complete, appreciate your accomplishments as good and well done. . . Write down all the agreements made with yourself over the last month. If you are not going to keep them - renegotiate or declare them null and void.

Take a thinking break. Worrying, obsessing, negative mind chatter, rehearsing unspoken conversations distract focus, attention and create unfulfilled energy leaks. Observe your thoughts. Let go of distracting mind patterns. . . and redirect your thoughts into upliftment, beauty, gratitude, or contemplating the goodness that you are.

Self-Mastery: The Master at the Controls

Your Basic Self, located in your body around the belly button, is the Master operator of your vital life force and energy. This small, dedicated, loyal and wise servant is directly connected to your Higher Self, who is the conduit of divine light, love, inspiration, and guidance into your body, and the energy field around the body. (the “aura")

Daily check-ins with the Basic Self can help you stay on course increasing, sustaining and renewing your energy. It will gently remind you of your limitless source.

When all three: conscious mind, basic self and high self are moving together in one direction flow and magic happens!

Awareness Practice:

Close your eyes. . . take in a nice deep breath. Place your hands over your stomach and ask to connect with your basic self. If you are unfamiliar with this part of your self it may take a few minutes or several times to establish contact. Be patient.

To prime the pump imagine a smaller version of you standing at a large control panel with levers, buttons, screens, monitors all connected to the various centers in your body, mind and spirit.

One button could say energy. . . another joy. . . another rest. . . and another driving the car.

When you are comfortable that you've made a connection ask your conscious mind to check in with the basic self through out the day and monitor where you are placing your energy. The mind loves a task that is repetitive.

Ask your basic self to allow more inspiration, intuitive hits, ease and grace today from your higher self. Keep the channels open. Bathe often in divine light and love.

At the end of the day, thank your basic self for a job well done, and feel the subtle flutter of gratitude from your basic back to you. Honor all parts and you will reap a great harvest of self-loving, self-esteem and unlimited supply of life renewing energy!


Rebecca Skeele, President of Make It Heaven LLC, is an author, speaker and master facilitator who teaches cocreating heaven on earth. She is the author of You Can Make It Heaven: How to Enrich Your Life with Abundance and Loving and numerous articles supporting personal and spiritual growth. She combines her extensive years as a spiritual counselor and coach, two Master’s degrees in Spiritual Counseling and Spiritual Science, her certification in the Noetic field of consciousness and her study as an non-denominational minister to support conscious choice and awakening to the truth within. Her new course, Becoming a Spiritual Scientist: A Course for Cocreators is offered in Santa Fe, NM. Visit or for more information or email Rebecca at


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