Living in the Constant Now

Jeanie Marshall

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"Living in the constant now" simply means living in the moment and knowing we are living in the moment. This is a feeling/dynamic that must be embodied, not simply a platitude to say to our friends. Platitudes have their place — for example, assisting us out of victim consciousness or teaching us there is another way to live or to perceive the world. After such goals have been reached, though, we need more than cliches and techniques.

If we are living in pain or confusion, “living in the constant now" is not viewed as a very attractive proposition. Pain and confusion are part of the human consensus reality which holds the belief that time is linear. Time has the appearance of being linear; however, living in the constant now as I define it helps us to understand that linear time is simply an organizing mechanism.

A popular platitude among spiritually-oriented folks is “there is no time or space. " I hear people saying this who have no idea what it means. This is a statement that generates confusion and resistance for those who are locked into beliefs about “seeing is believing" and proof of time as told by the clock.

Life is. Spirit is. Now is. We humans have enormous capacity to invent stories about life and spirit and humanity and history and death. We tend to value the external over the internal. We develop complex models to explain simple phenomena. We applaud ourselves for explaining the very distortions we’ve invented and for solving the very problems we’ve created. Life is. Spirit is. Now is.

Appearances are temporary. That is to say, all the dynamics and facts of our experiences constantly change. Everything in the physical world is in motion; nothing is permanent. No thing. Nothing.

Living in the constant now, for me, means living in constant awareness of living in constant awareness.

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