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Nome Alaska missing people and disappearances


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Nome Alaska missing people and disappearances in Nome Alaska are very famous stories about alien abductions. There were few speculations that might cause to this phenomena but the UFO explanation is the most logical one.

At the beginning of October 2000 many people have been contact with aliens and after a while they completely disappeared without leaving a trace. In the history of man kid there were many cases like the Nome Alaska missing people and disappearances in Nome Alaska and what is more amazing is that they all have similar outlines which can apply to the theory that aliens are visiting us very often. So what they are doing here exactly? Some says they come to do research on us because they are a different species then us. There are also other theories that they want to use our resources and even to enslave the humans for their own purpose. But if that was the truth then we were already know about it when they would have attack our planet.

This is why most of us are scared by aliens, and rather that they will not come to here and leave us alone. In fact it is for our on security to be left alone and not to be discovered by aliens because we can never know what their intentions are. As imply on the movie the 4th kind, the Nome Alaska missing people and disappearances in Nome Alaska were very traumatic events and if they are real then everyone will try to escape from this cruel fate – being a laboratory rat of some alien experiments. We can not explain all the psychic mystery in the universe and from time to time we hear about UFO crush or extra terrestrial life but it is really hard to say if they are true or note.

Some people like to spread hoaxes or false stories just to be famous or to have a good laugh. But when a series of similar cases suddenly happen then it is more likely to be a real case or at least something that need further paranormal investigation.

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