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Understanding Tarot Card Meanings


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Earlier Tarot was being called Tarocchi after being originated in the Northern Italy around 500 years ago. It was being used for divinatory and occult purpose. There are few people used them as fortune telling leaving others who preferred to make use of them for playing games. Different card differ in design but share almost the same meaning, and thus being called the decks. We will begin our journey of knowing about the card by understanding Tarot card meanings, psychic predictions and the interpretations of all the 78 cards available in the entire deck.

To begin with, we will talk about the Tarot card Fool that signifies new start, innocence and beginning and also being called Spirit of Aether or Le Mat. The card is important as he brings every motionless thing into motion. And the fact is it can be construed with tons of Tarot card meanings and the possibilities.

Next comes the Magician that is powerful, action, confident, competent, awareness, action and resourcefulness. They are also called Magnus of Power because of the halo above his head. The High Priestess is also called Priestess of Silver Star or La Papess. The B means Boaz signifying denial and J stands for Jachin signifying the beginning. The Tarot card Empress offers assurance, fertility, promise, love and grace and symbolizes resourceful spiritual teachings and dualistic departure from 3 Major Arcana.

The Emperor is the Chief amid Mighty and the card represent ruler ship, leadership, power and authority. Being the ruler, it demonstrates power to change the structured world. He depends on written and the spoken word. From all the Tarot cards, he is the father figure. The meaning of the Hierophant tarot card is respect, holy, knowledge and wisdom and he’s also called the Magnus of the Pope. The card Lovers are for love, passion, trust, communication, temptation and health. They are called Oracle of Mighty Gods, and also mean duality. The Chariot means motion, control, balance, determination, skill and also being called Lord of Triumph of Light. The card demonstrates water element, force, control, and deals a lot with feeling.

Strength also called Daughter of Flaming Sword and means compassion, courage, balance and patience. The card shows beliefs, creativity, ideas. The Hermit is for wisdom, humility, solitude and peace, signifying that you can find answers only inside you, not in the physical world. The Wheel of Fortune also called Lord of Forces of Life, in the card it linger around clouds meaning that you can reach them, it will take lot of hard work to get there. The card Justice includes balance, equality, truth and accountability. It refers to the laws that are imperceptible in the universe. The Tarot card Hanged Man is for submission, sacrifice, surrender and non-action. Temperance represents new life, reconstruction and new attitude. The Devil is like Death card.

The Tower can be both destructive and constructive. The Star also known as The Dweller between Waters or L’Etoile always makes you realise that you really didn’t lose anything when you lose hope. The Star guides you when you don’t see a path in front. And lastly Moon that does not emit the moonlight on its own, it reflects the light coming from the Sun.

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Understanding the Tarot
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