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Every once in a while most of us ask ourselves, what is this life for? Why am I here and what is the purpose of me being here? I think these questions just prove that our spiritual being is not satisfied by just knowing, that my whole existence and purpose is just to eat, drink, sleep, play and have as many pleasures as possible. First of all humans are spiritual beings, not flesh and bones. Apostle Paul said that our body is only a temporary tent or temple and one day this tent will be demolished. Therefore it is good to know that our life does not stop here, it goes on in eternity.

Flesh and blood will disappear, but spirit which is made according to God’s likeness is eternal. What is eternal goes to eternity and what is temporary goes to dust.
The same can be said about love.

The other day I heard a saying „True love does not have a happy ending, because true love never ends. “ This is so true. Our soul exists forever, same can be said about true love. It never ends.
People tend to think that they will never grow old and when they do, they try all possible methods to look young. The is a yerning in human soul for eternity. However this body will not possess it.

I present you some quotes that inspire us to think about this life more as a bus stop or the place for taking exams. One day the bus will arrive and take us somewhere else. One day God will tell us the results of our exams on earth.

Below are some quotes by famous people about eternity and life on the whole.

Every action of your life touches the chord, that will sound all eternity.
(E. H. Chapin)
Day that scares you most and you call it the last day, is the first day of the eternity.

The man who is not sure about afterlife is the most unfortunate creation of all.
I have a strong believe in the afterlife. Thus, I want my purpose to be heaven, not earth.
(V. Hugo)
According the time – first goes life, then death; according eternity – first goes death, then life.

The man who is worried only about this life, but does not worry about eternity is wise only for a moment, but foolish for the whole eternity.
Those that do not have the hope of next life are already dead in this life.
Pleasure to die and not to face sufferings is worth suffering in this life without the hope of pleasure and satisfaction.
Everything here, on this earth, is only a dream and the reality is not here.
Though a man is called to eternity it does not mean that his temporary existence is meaningless.
(J. Girnius)
This life is given to us only that we could achieve the eternal; most people are ungrateful not even thinking about it.
(Saint Francis de Sales)
I want to say it together with Medici that all those who does not expect life to come are already dead for this life.
(J. W. Goeth?)

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