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Everyday Spirituality and Your Miracle on a New Earth

Dianne M. Buxton

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Some days it seems a daunting task. But if so why? This then is the day, right now, when a few quiet moments creates a transformation. A little bit of inner peace creates a healing right here, right now.

There are vast volumes of inspiration all around us, such as Eckhart Tolle's “A New Earth" and Oprah's making it available through both a television and an on line community.

A process, or daily routine to re-focus your intention, and connect with your truest truth, and your vibrational vision of your best outcome for now, can help simplify and make your use of The Law of Attraction more effective.

Also, if your time management for this works, you can proceed in a joyful manner. For some people, not setting an exact time works better. If you are self-employed or work at home, being open to the best opportunity each day can be easier than setting a time by the clock. Creating a new prayer or written intention or vision periodically, and focusing on it until a new one is inspired, might work best.

Since it is transformation and changing life's direction that we seek, it is fluid and both tiny and quantum changes can occur.

I have a wise friend Christine who once said to me “it hurts the most when you let it go". Our self-image, or expectations about ourself revise as we grow and stretch. It's like a tight band aid that hurts when we peel it off. But then it's gone and the fresh air and tension release is on our skin. Relief.

Whether you like the private process or an ego-ripping shred in front of a group, you guide yourself as wisely as you can, or get professional advice. Your everyday spirituality and doing what you can do without spectacular expectations of yourself or others is what I would call a “let go" path. One of my favorite Abraham-Hicks discourses describes it as not trying to paddle upstream, but just letting go of the oars and the stream will take you. That's simple enough.

If the world around us is a reflection of us, then look for the best qualities in everyone. You have those too. Look for peace and quiet and appreciation, and joyful dramatic events. It is all there. It is all in you.

You will discover your best simplicity. That in itself is a miracle and a transformation. Your moments of inner peace is your healing, it never ends. Transformation and your life changing direction is instantaneous, in those moments. And every moment is now. Your everyday spirituality is your new earth, right now.

Change your life - learn effective tips to improve your use of the Law of Attraction, and Manifest A Miracle to change your life direction.


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Young Earth Versus Old Earth
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