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Propaganda, Systems of Deceit - Are the Platforms in the Formation of Spiritual Planes of Reality

Hans VanKrieken

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Propaganda: the reasons for strife, war and unhappiness and expulsion from reality. The universe seems to be an alternate place to be for spiritual beings who accepted a deceit as an alternative habitat to their original place of being in the spiritual realm (often referred to as ‘truth'). We speak of spirit reality and physical reality. We can only have conscious contact with the latter. The former is mere belief from our physical viewpoint. We know nothing of spirit except what gurus tell us about it, and that is only hearsay. The lie-believed hides the pure spiritual truth from us, just as any lie or propaganda-believed hides the true situation from those who have been taken in by the deceit. This condition always works against the believers of deceit.

Most all realities must be of a virtual nature as all develop along the lines of make-believe. It is well known by scientists, and it was also stated by Jesus that the universe was made (had an origin) and will be rolled up again. This is a good fit with computer-displayed, virtual game scenarios. You can start the games, interactively play the games and close them. These are entirely constructed along ideas of make-believe. But if there is “make-believe", or propaganda-content in the construction of the universe, there must be an original source that started the process of “make believe". This source I refer to as the Great Spirit or Ultimate Truth. What he expresses is truth because there is no one who can overrule him because there is no one of equal or higher status. Some began to experiment with truth to see what would happen. In the case of physical reality, I believe most people agree that ‘monkeying’ with the truth stinks to high heaven. You simply cannot exist in this physical environment being pure as the driven truth; without lying and the use of clever deceit you are not going to make much of life. Life sucks and then you are dead! A virtual reality must be a cleverly-constructed, charged state of existence; one based on a bipolar potential and must depend on protocol, principles of design based on that protocol, and on laws in harmony with them to define and constrain the reality deployed. Just as computer-generated virtual realities are constructed and displayed using potential difference of electrical charge so spiritual virtual realities, such as the universe, depend on their existence on a spiritual potential difference created by two concepts held in mind ( the power of all spirit)-the truth and the lie-accepted. The truth would be the common or zero potential and the lie would be the charged one created by differentiation of the higher truth. Jesus made a big deal that he always told the truth and that his opponent was a liar and the father of lies (he begat children who always lie). He called his opponent the Prince of darkness, the one who designed and engineered it, made us souls the actors who had to learn all their roles.

He then assembled them all and the play opened when the curtains are pulled aside-the big bang of the universe in progress. The big deal really is that a universe can actually be founded on the potential difference between truth and lies. The other big deal is that all creatures must cross-feed the virtual reality into each others’ conscious. The universe, then, is a spiritual mass hallucination we must all agree on to be present in. I see the universe as an interactive spiritual website. Thus, if there is such a website, then the possibility that there are large numbers of such websites is very great. Realities cannot exist without some kind of hanky-panky at the spiritual level of the origin of being. This is why seeking to rediscover the spiritual truth is so important. Without knowing the spiritual truth we cannot undo the multiple systems of deceit that we are buried in.

Hans van Krieken was a ships officer for Holland America and a mechanical designer and manufacturing engineer for over 35 years. He has been an in-depth student of history, law and theology, particularly the Bible. He has written articles to expert insiders about environment, history, law, government and religion from a novel perspective. You can learn more from his website


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