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Don't Fall Victim to What Just Might Be the World's Most Hopeless Advice

Jerry Graham

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"Hope is the power that gives us the power to step out and try. " Unknown

When was the most recent time somebody said to you, “Don't get your hopes up?"

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy. (Prov. 13:12; NLT)

Which one of us hasn't had some well-intentioned individual in our lifetime admonish us to not get our hopes up? You know, they were most likely genuinely attempting to assist, weren't they? They were simply wanting to keep you from being let down or unhappy when your dreams didn't happen as you had planned.

Well, I would like to propose that as well-meant as it is, the too frequently heard, “Don't get your hopes up, " ranks right up there as one of the top challengers for the world's most deplorable advice. How is it possible that advice offered in love and concern could wind up being so frightful?

Well, nearly all of the time, that warning is given in an effort to manage someone's expectations. . . and when I say “manage, " you could easily substitute the word “lower. "

Put differently, “your aspirations are simply too large. I don't want you to be wounded when they aren't realized as you are planning. " But what they're really saying is “bring your ambitions down here with the rest of us. " After all, mediocrity is a good deal less hazardous to your emotional health.

I've heard it said that to hope is to have expectations. It's like shining a light in a dark, negative world. So, get your hopes up!!! Keep them up!!! When you do not see things materializing as you'd like them to be, hope all the more. After all, if what you were hoping for came to pass, you wouldn't have to hope any longer. The absence of evidence gives hope the reason to be.

So as somebody proffers that dreadful, dream-stealing piece of advice to you, simply grin and thank them very much. And as fast as you are able, go find people that are filled to overflowing with hopes, aspirations, and expectations. Look for the excellence that God created you for instead of the mediocrity that the world around you is comfortable with. You'll be thankful you did.

Jerry Graham, Ph. D. , D. Min. , is a professional life coach and one of the charter members and guides of Renegade Network Marketing University , which uniquely incorporates step-by-step video tutorials and explanations that a beginner can easily follow.


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