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How to Amplify the Benefits of Your Meditation - Group Meditation Even if You're Alone

Wil Langford

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The benefits of group meditation have been proven countless times. The Bible teaches the benefits of group prayer. Studies of meditation groups in cities have shown that a small group of people meditating in a neighborhood can bring peace and harmony to the neighborhood, though the actual number of people meditating may only be a fraction of the population. The term “superradiance, " originally coined by the physicist Charles Misner was adopted by the father of Transcendental Meditation to explain the effect of meditation upon the surroundings of the meditation locale.

Dr. William Tiller, a physicist and Siddha Yoga meditator. who has made startling discoveries in the field of psychoenergetics (the study of the energy of the human psyche) has shown that all matter in our world is controlled by magnetic waves from another dimension or domain known as reciprocal space (R-Space). Those magnetic waves are influenced by our thoughts and may be changed using meditation. The amazing pictures of water crystals by Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrate the effect that thoughts have upon simple organic matter, including water. Therefore, if you meditate and your thoughts are magnified while you meditate, you may be able to affect your physical surroundings, even health with the power of your intentions.

In the simplest terms, our thoughts are waves in that other dimension known as R-Space. When more than one person meditates, the strength of the waves may be amplified. It has been suggested that the waves are amplified by more than just the strength of the number of people meditating. In wave theory it is known as “constructive interference. " For instance, if three people meditate together, the effect may be more than three times stronger, perhaps even exponentially stronger. Wave theory, Superradiance, and Biblical teachings seem to support this.

But what if you are alone and meditate alone? How do you tap into group consciousness with more than just the effect of one person's meditation strength? The answer is that anytime you are meditating there are other people all over the world who are meditating. While your intention may not be quite the same as theirs, a way of marrying your intention and the waves of your thoughts with theirs is to intend to support their positive intentions and to ask that your positive intentions receive the same support. Of course, only positive intentions should be used.

Though you and I may not know each other, we may still ask that our positive intentions for the highest good of all, in the perfect time, are one. Just by saying, “May my thoughts and intentions join the thoughts and intentions of all others who are meditating at this time for the highest and best good of all in the perfect time. " you may link your thoughts and intentions with thousands of other like-minded individuals. Think of how powerful your good intentions may be simply by saying a short statement of intention like that and feeling it in your heart. At any time on this planet there are people all over the planet who are also meditating with good intentions. Some are in groups and some are alone. Whatever the situation may be, one thing is common to all, we all meditate through the same medium and all thoughts and intentions are felt in that R-Space.

Awareness of the recent shift in consciousness to a more enlightened world population will be enhanced when we all make a simple but universally powerful intention to enhance all positive aspects of each one's meditations, no matter where or when the others meditate. Right now universal consciousness is filled with many thoughts and feelings and they may or may not meld and work together, but that one simple intention may bring them all together and amplify the positive effect for all life.

I invite you to join me in that simple intention each time you begin to meditate. For more information on how to meditate and improve your meditation experiences, I refer you to chapter 6 of my book, “Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within. "

Wil Langford, R. Hy. , is a 54 yr. old. Clinical Hypnotherapist, Integrated Energy Therapist, spiritual guide, author, and teacher. His many experiences with psychic phenomena, and mystical experiences led to a lifelong search for answers to the meaning of life. His experiences as a consciousness explorer looking deep into the human mind, tempered by his experiences as a father and therapist have helped to shape his view of the world and the meaning of life. His book, Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within" may change your life and you will never look at the world or the people in it the same way again

If you are searching for your meaning and the purpose of your life, this book may have the answers you seek

Your Loved Ones, Your Self; Finding and Raising the Family Within

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