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Discover the Conditioning that Created Your Beliefs


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You have been conditioned since birth to form belief systems about life in general and your life in particular. You are at a stage in your spiritual growth that you can examine and reflect on this conditioning. Use this spirituality information to take an objective look at what you believe about life.

So what have you been told all your life by some of the most influential forces in your life? People like your mother and father, your schoolteachers, your religious leaders and, of course, the almighty television. Have they told you to seek out your passion and be true to yourself? Or have you been told throughout our life that you must put your nose to the grindstone and work hard so that you can have enough money and material possessions that will allow you to be happy.

Have you been told to just “be happy and then you will do happy things" or have you been told to “do whatever it takes to make a lot of money and then you can be this thing called happy?"

What have you been told all your life? Have you been told to follow your dreams and you will be supported by a society that truly believes that each person has the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Or have you been told to subjugate your dreams and prioritize the god of money as a means of being a contributing member of society?

Have you been told that material success is more important than manifesting your passion? Have you been told that people who don't have money or material possessions have less value to society and therefore should be looked down upon, as far as what they contribute to the overall good?

What have you been told? What do you believe? What serves you? What doesn't serve you? You have searched for the answers to these questions outside of your self all your life. Maybe now it is time to go within your self to reveal the answers to these and many more questions that do not have answers in the exterior world of our existence.

Remember, you are at total choice in all matters. Everything changes in life from moment to moment. If you choose, you can change your entire belief system in an instant. You can tell your self that you not longer believe in a fear-based belief system that is ruled by your ego and you now choose to live by a love-based belief system that is ruled by your sacred-self.

You can do this in an instant by just being love instead of being fear. It is entirely your choice.

You may choose to gradually change your belief system over time by implementing those aspects of a love-based belief system into your daily life that are important to you at this time. As each part of this love-based thinking is assimilated into your life, you can take on more and more of this new paradigm until you are no longer held by the bonds of the ego and the fear that is the tool of the egocentric mind.

It doesn't matter how you do it or how long it takes you or whether you change at all. You have free will to live your life in any manner that you choose. But you need to ask yourself this question. “Does living my life under my current belief system serve me?" Just keep asking yourself that question, and then keep moving toward the answer.

Remember, your answer will be the correct answer for you. There are no wrong answers. There is only what serves you and what does not serve you.

Once you determine what serves you, I want you to “be what serves you. "

Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. Journey into discovery of Self by reading this FREE report; “The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at:


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