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Tips - How To Rise Out Of Emotional Drama By Following The Ancient Laws Of Nature

Christopher Walker

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Our inner environment is therefore prone to all sorts of circumstances, which can cause it to turn dirty. We can get really angry, and spill oil all over our wonderful inner world. We can get hurt and pollute our inner environment with grief and doubt.

But just as nature regenerates the outer world, so too can we regenerate our inner world. We can change our mind. There is nothing holding us back from changing our mind, and therefore cleaning up, the inner spill.

The real question that we all face is, “what to" - Change is a wonderful notion, but to what do we change? Do we become addicted to a religion and be a born again? Do we change tracks and become a Buddhist? Do we dump all those and become a Kabala toting Jewish person? Where do we change to, when we decide to clean up our inner pollution?

In the ancient laws of nature, there is a clear aversion to mass consciousness. The consequence of such “mass" thinking is seen as adding pollution to the inner world rather than cleaning it away. All such mass consciousness is seen as a temporary measure and if it is not eventually released, takes the responsibility for ‘goodness" out of the hands of an individual. The teachers of ancient laws never asked for such obedience. “You must become your own master" they would say.

Instead they asked individuals to “connect" and in this, they were referring to knowing the difference between emotion and truth. It is taught that if we can label our inner experiences, then we can understand whether they are for action or simply like the passing breeze, and we should let them sail on.

Those teachers labelled emotions as low if they were; lust, anger, greed, bitterness, jealousy, envy, guilt, fear and or pride.

They labelled emotions as moderate, of some importance if they were; kindness, sadness, consideration, compassion, criticism, dislike, desire and forgiveness.

They labelled emotions as high and of significant importance if they were; gratitude, generosity, ambivalence, love.

Lower emotions generate reactions to the world and therefore are not indicative of our deeper self. They are on the surface where the masses dance. Lower emotions are the domain of lower faiths and therefore they are not intended for those individuals whose choice it is to bring their art to life.

Middle emotions are for the conformist who wants the world to change to fit their impressions. This is a higher state of mind than lower, however it suffers from the moderation of self-absorption. In such a state we know no lower mass faith, and we know no connection to a higher source. We are Gods and Goddess shopping for self-absorption in knowledge and other people's ideas.

Higher emotions lead us to humility to something greater than ourselves. The ancient teachers could not label it and simply referred to “the Oneness" They implied that under certain emotional conditions there was no separation between the powers that run our existence and ourselves. This was called joy.

There have been many masters on this earth. They have taught many ways of rising out of lower emotion. Many women find this easy. Many men find it hard. It is mainly because the processes that have been taught are for the feminine side of us, and the masculine has rarely been addressed.

To rise the masculine side of us all out of poverty, out of lower emotion, we must apply the power of WILL. This is a great power. And when we learn to master it, we are in command of our lower self. This is the domain of the King. Unlike the feminine process of emotional tolerance and nurturance, the use of WILL power, is not a process at all. It is simply the choice.

To develop this power of Will, most religions and ancient teachings have used stillness. They have asked their followers to sit in meditation without movement for many hours on end with little regard for the pain of it. This technique remains today, however most of its teachers have bought the feminine emotion into their teaching and there is now little resemblance to the original intent.

If you are keen to develop your “Will Power" then you can simply lie down each day and freeze your body into one “corpse" position. Then, gradually over a period of weeks, increase your capacity to be still for ten, fifteen, twenty minutes. When you reach twenty minutes you might start all over again, but this time sitting up with your legs crossed. Yoga was originally created in order to help the great masters sit in stillness for longer and longer periods. The flexibility of yoga had no other intent other than to improve the capacity of an individual for stillness.

This teaching may confuse you. You may be challenged by the simplicity of it. But this is just your conditioning, wanting mental gymnastics to override the organic and natural humanity that sits within your being. I cannot overcome that conditioning for you other than to say, as has been taught to me “never trust your mind" - trust only stillness, long periods of emptiness. Let your mind think what it wants, let your body wish to move, but you can become aware of a third energy within you, one that does no have to be the slave of mental emotion, thoughts and unconditioned body movement.

In times of stress, this stillness is even harder. Your lower self is empowered by stress. This is why we become addicted to extreme experiences. We are actually feeding the lower self. An aphrodisiac of sorts.

If you are looking for depth, truth, deeper self-awareness, more grounded decisions, then it is wise to practice dead stillness. It is the opposite to choosing a new faith, it is simply the technique for unlearning the myths that you have accumulated along your path of life.

Unlearning, you release the need for process. You apply Will Power. You develop deep trust in your inner environment, you release the pollution from within, and, importantly, you become the master of your own inner domain. Chris Walker is a world leading change agent, an environmentalist and author of more than 20 books. Born and bred in Australia, he consults to people and organisations throughout the world on improved relationships, health and lifestyle through the application of the Universal laws of Nature. The result he offers is that we stay balanced, share loving relationships, work with passion, enjoy success, and live our personal truth. To learn more about Chris's work and journeys to Nepal, visit -


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