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Actions Determine Destiny


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I have heard so many people say “You should go to church Sunday. " There are actually two problems with that statement. The first is that as soon as we say, “should", we are probably judging that person as being “not ok" if they don't do what we say they “should" do. The only saving grace here may be our intent.

Creator sees the heart, and knows our intent. That is why we will be judged on the Last Day according to our works. Rev. 20:13. Those who choose to carry unconditional love in their hearts for God and all people, will produce good fruit. Their works will be pleasing to our heavenly Father. Those who choose to carry evil in their hearts, will produce evil fruit. This will make Satan happy.

There is an ancient Hindu teaching, I believe it is taught by Vedanta, that if we choose to do evil once, then the next time it will be easier for us to choose to do evil. When we choose to do good, we will develop a tendency within ourselves to do good works in the future. This is why our actions and our motives for these actions will determine our destiny.

Sometimes we do something that may turn out to be an error, even if our intent had been good. In one article, I used the word “they" in a sentence when it would have been more clear if I had used the word “Christians". Because of this, it looked like I was saying that Muslims around Israel were trying to convert Jews to Islam. This was not my intent. I do not believe Muslims are trying to convert Jews! The radical, hate filled people, who call themselves “Muslim", but are not true Muslim, do not what to convert Jews to Islam, they just want them dead. It is Christians who want to proselytize Jews.

The second problem with saying, “You should go to church Sunday, " is that Sunday Church is the Mark of the Beast. Satan arrogantly defies God when he claims that Sunday is the sabbath instead of the seventh day of the week as the Ten Commandments teach. Creator gave us the seventh-day Sabbath as a blessing, and once a blessing is given it cannot be changed. Jesus taught that those who follow the commandments will enter into life (eternal). Matthew 19:17.

The spiritual path we choose will lead us to the place where we are headed. (Similar to an ancient proverb. )

Red Road spiritual truths of Jesus, Moses, and Elijah are taught in the book, Red Hat Speaks, by Dorothy K. Daigle. Red Hat Speaks can be ordered from any bookstore, or ordered online from for $10.95. Elijah came to restore all things in these End Times.


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