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Ever Thought About Self Love?

Alun Jones

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By self love I'm not talking about narcissism and lack of regard for others, but true, self love in terms of loving yourself for who you are. Do you? Despite all your weaknesses, perceived faults, parts of your body that you don't like. . . do you love yourself anyway?

If you can answer yes to that question - Fantastic! If you find it challenging to answer yes - don't beat yourself up over it! Many of us struggle to love ourselves - warts ‘n’ all. There is no blame here, just self awareness and self acceptance.

Let's look at this another way. There is an Ultimate Being, God, Buddha, Allah, Divine Spirit, Father Mother God, Creator, Holy Spirit, whatever your words for it, we know that there is an overall consciousness that inhabits everything. Is a part of everything. We can see this when we look at beautiful flowers, or landscapes, or stunning sunsets, the smell of fresh air, the taste of tasty food, the sounds of birdsong or rolling waves. Whatever you find relaxing or beautiful is infused with God consciousness. So when you look at, hear, feel, smell, taste, or touch these beautiful things it's easy to feel love for them.

Having accepted that God is in everything, we also then need to accept that God is within us. If we love God for being in everything, we also then need to love ourselves because of this. Otherwise we are rejecting God.

Now I know that these thoughts might be pushing some buttons in people because of the word “God". I make no apology for that. It's a terminology that is easy to use to get across the concept that the Ultimate Consciousness is within us all. Therefore Every Thing and Every One deserves to be loved by us - including ourselves.

Take some time to think more about yourself. Start to acknowledge more the things about yourself that you do actually like. Let go of negative thoughts about yourself that bring you down. You love other people warts and all, try doing the same for yourself. Take it gently, but take another step towards self love and self respect. Start by writing a list of 50 positive things that you love about yourself. It may take you a couple of days and that's OK. Take your time, but do make sure you complete it. Once you have your list can you make it longer? Every time you find something positive about yourself that you love or like, add it to the list and, each day.

Alun is a spirtual life coach focused on personal and spiritual evolution. You can read more about him and his work here


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