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How To Do A Cleansing - Learn How To Cleanse Your Home Or Work Place!


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I will explain to you how to do a cleansing of your home or workplace. By “cleansing", I mean clearing away all the negative energies and malevolent spirits that may be hanging around. You may not realize it, but every time you become angry, sad, upset, frustrated, etc. . . It creates bad vibes and energy all around your home and/or workplace. Evil spirits will be attracted to such energy and they will sometimes come around to “feed" on the negative energy. It will only make things worse for you. Many people call such entities “psychic vampires" and they are known to feed on the negative energy you put out, and the more they get a taste of it, the more they will begin attacking you. This will leave you feeling tired, ill, depressed, and it will also suppress your manifesting abilities.

Of course you could always hire an expert healer or priest to cleanse your home or workplace for you, but you might as well try to learn how yourself first.

1. Pray to your God, Angel, or Higher Self to protect you and to guide you.

2. Visualize a bright light coming from the heavens and surrounding you like a bubble.

3. Spend a few minutes meditating and visualizing on the light.

4. Stand and face the East. Breath slowly. Put your palms forward and close your eyes. Visualize that light coming through your hands and moving toward eternity. Say “I now remove all blockages and evil spirits on the eastern path. With this light, I cleanse. With this light, I heal. " Try feeling the light coming from your hands. You may feel a tingle or “fuzzy" feeling.

5. Turn and face South. Repeat for a minute (only this time visualize the light heading out toward the South).

6. Stand and face the West. Repeat for a minute.

7. Stand and face the North. Repeat for a minute.

8. Turn back toward the East. Visualize the light coming down into you from the heavens, and stretching from you toward all directions.

9. Don't forget to thank your God, Angel, or Higher Self for sending you the healing light.

10. Now laugh. I'm serious. Go do something that you will truly enjoy and that makes you laugh. Laughter is the greatest medicine, therefore it's a great way to send out high vibrations. By doing or watching something that makes you laugh, right after the cleansing, it will help you get back into a more positive pattern.

I am a spiritual female who loves writing. I especially love writing and teaching others about self help. I have a love for anything considered “metaphysical". I offer Reiki courses, FREE spiritual healing, teaching, psychic advice, magic, love spells, financial abundance ideas, etc. . .


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