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Be Present In Conscious Awareness And Grow In Balance And Health

George Lockett

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As the energies build in group consciousness it is easy to become aware of the energy fields within our awareness. I feel this most as I am between sleeping and waking in the morning. I start to scan through my body and just be consciously aware of the energies and how they are feeling.

I consciously check if I have a gentle smile on my face each morning. I feel a smile is very special, as it sets up one's energy vibration for the day. As I become conscious of the smile and my awareness rests with it, I feel the energy start to build and get stronger. I use the gentle smile to allow my awareness to lightly be with the energy, since we know that what we put our attention on grows.

It is good to stay present in the Now - that is, to have all one's conscious awareness focussed on a single thing like smiling. It creates the space and rests the active mind; you can either focus on your breathing or the energy of the gentle smile.

When I am present and aware in the Now, I do a self-check of the whole of my body. I check how the energy field of my body is feeling by checking that my Soul and Light Body are lining up with my physical, taking a few minutes for all these subtle energies to come into alignment after perhaps astral traveling in my sleep.

This is the time I choose for doing self-healing, using my soul Source energies and the body's energy blueprint to make adjustments in the energies by visualizing the perfect image of how I would like my physical body to show up. When you work on a Soul level and on your Light Body, the changes you make are natural and help bring your body into balance to reflect your true nature.

This is like working at the level of the Font of Life, where Source energy is emerging into physical manifestation and condensing from light into the fine particles from which will build our atoms and molecules and all the grosser layers of the physical vessel which our spiritual Essence lives in. The vision we hold in our belief system has a profound effect on our physical vehicle.

While we are working with our Source energy, at this level of our body, the body is constantly being regenerated from within. We can choose to change our belief about aging and to visualize our physical self covered in fresh, soft, pliable skin full of life, health and vitality. We can consciously release tension wherever we feel it - asking muscles to relax, become whole and bathe in this elixir of life.

By consciously taking time to charge up our energies and align them with our Soul, we are naturally lining up our energies with the whole Universe. Therefore, when we get up and go into activity we will feel supported by the universe, and life will be a frictionless flow of synchronistic experiences.

While we have a gentle happy smile on our faces, we will see this reflected in all the people we meet and life will become that little bit easier and more natural.

So each morning after waking refreshed from your night's sleep, take a few minutes to adjust and balance your energies using your awareness of the subtle spiritual Essence that is flowing through your body from the Font of Life, at the core of each of your cells. Breathe in this elixir of life and grow in balance and health each day.

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