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I Lost My Way And Reached Heaven


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Yesterday I lost my way and reached heaven. Some divine creatures caught me and took to the court. The court was presided over by Mr. Almighty. He asked me the reason to trespass the boundary of heaven. I told, I was lost in someone's thought and lost my way.

Mr. Almighty decided to send me back to earth and as a parting gift; he gave me a chance to fulfill my two wishes. But he also laid conditions.

The conditions forbid me to do something unnatural and I could fulfill only two wishes one for some other person or creature and one for my self.

Happily, I was on way to earth accompanied by Mr. Raindrop. It was evening by then and we started traveling downwards. On our way, we started talking which helped me to know the feelings of Mr. Raindrop.

He was very clear hearted but fickle minded, changes his decision every now and then. He loves the beauty and respect honest creatures. I ask him, where he will land up on reaching the earth? He said he has not yet decided.

We were speeding fast towards the earth and could see the colossal sea now. Impressed by the mightiness of the sea he said “oh, how great! I have decided I will drop in there and stay for ever floating down across the globe encompassing millions of pearls, I will be the richest one on earth".

In the meanwhile, he tossed his head northward just to enjoy the beautiful sights when he saw a big garden. Astonished by the grandeur, he said “I was wrong. I will drop down on the beautiful flowers and will stay there forever making my life endowed with never ending fragrance. I will swing on the petals when the cool breeze will come to caress these colorful species and lead my entire life in the cozy lap of densely petalled flowers".

But before I could comment, he saw children playing in village mud. “Oh! that's so cute and loving. I will drop down in the village mud and spend my entire life with theses tiny creatures. I will love to be crushed under their tiny feet, my life will be blessed when their sweats will drop down on me and when they soil their hands I will wipe them with utmost care and love".

I appreciated his compassion and turn towards him to admire but saw him looking in perplexity at a beautiful women dressed in white, looking elegant like princess and pure like angels. Her hairs were tied in knots tightly combed backwards making her pristine forehead look kissable.

Her lustrous lips shining like roses reminding of the millions of flowers in that big Garden and her sparkling tightly built teeth reminding of the pearls in the sea. She smiled for some reason and that gave the feeling of cute innocent child meddling in the soil.

Her awe-inspiring movements reminded me the swinging of flowers. And perhaps about every felt , unfelt, heard, unheard, seen, unseen beauty.

Mr. Raindrop could not say anything and was lost completely in her charm. Looking at me silently in helpless manner poor Mr. rain reminded of the wishes bestowed upon me by the almighty.

I knew he was trying to remind me of the wishes. Without giving a second thought, I prayed “almighty- let him drop on her". Next moment I could see him protruding like the precious stones on her wavy hair making her completely wet perhaps by his loving kisses and thanking me for giving him such a divine life.

But her pureness was irresistible and I closed my eyes once again to pray almighty and opened only to see my beloved wife sleeping beside me.


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Story how the human mind has reached to correct its commitments to Jesus
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