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21st Century Mystic

Ron Flatow

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We utilize one tenth of our consciousness which means we have nine tenths of infinite possibilities for exploration.

A person in mundane state of consciousness is only aware of the physical world as present reality. The belief system of the mundane is commonly and solely related to matter or the physical senses, tangible reality and what is not related to matter in this paradigm is considered illusionary.

Most people in this state of consciousness do not investigate the source of their daily awareness. Their main focus in life is physical accomplishments such as how many cars, houses or pieces of jewelry a person can buy to keep up with the joneses and or company acquisitions and stock options their energy is outward based. Focusing on what is programmed on television tonight or what is the latest fashion trend. In this state the inner and outward worlds are not viewed as complimentary.

The habitual dominant thought patterns of the mundane world are usually collapsed, broken through, shattered or cracked open by the individual when painful events or crisis intervenes. Such as a divorce, death of a relative, physical injuries or even loss of employment. When crisis occurs in ones life the sense of a solid fixed external world is shattered out of that shattering comes the possibility for the person to flow with life rather than be rigid allowing for new emergings into a higher state of consciousness.

Once this shattering occurs possibilities of developing a relationship with the inner world is invitational. Where by the individual either rejects the experience or welcomes the realization of his own existence as well as the microcosm of consciousness The outer world reflects the inner world and mystics throughout the ages have been aware of this principal.

A mystic is a person with an awareness of multi-dimensional realities who seeks to have an intimate relationship with the divine and or universal consciousness

A mystic has gnosis of realities beyond human comprehension. A mystic is aware that life is not static but dynamic and evolutionary.

A mystic has profound awareness of higher consciousness. Higher consciousness is the universal loving power which sustains life. Higher consciousness maintains all beings, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Higher consciousness is omni-present and one simultaneously.

Mystical awakening is individual. It is divinely orchestrated. Mystical awakening is an initiation process of enlightenment. Literally we resurrect from denser human beings into spiritus light beings with assistance from the teachings of the ancient ones, the ascended master civilization.

Awakening varies from individual to individual, with all beings in all the universe evolving in consciousness.

What does it mean to be a 21st century mystic?

Some stages of awakening and realization are universal through-out time and space. Usually the first signs of an awakening seeker is having Reverence for Life which can be triggered by an individuals spiritual integrity. What they see on the outside world doesn't match up to what they feel intuitively within their heart. A question of their true purpose begins to float around within their minds and suddenly a greater appreciation and compassion develops for all living beings. A profound awareness of the sacredness of all living creatures is recognized in the awakening person with a deep yearning for substance and meaning in life. Life is held in high esteem in a person awakening in consciousness, and the awakening one becomes more discerning of his conduct. The interconnectedness of life begins to unfold in his awareness.

The Native Americans hold steadfast to the notion that ones actions and choices affect the next seven generations. In Buddhism a refuge is offered to those whom feel they are ready to make a commitment to themselves and the world. A Rinpoche which is the title of an incarnate Lama meaning “Precious One" in Tibetan performs a ceremony of blessings to confirm your intension which also assists in aligning your thoughts and emotions. What actually occurs is a sense of realization. In one perspective you are shown a mirror of yourself through the vows that you are choosing to maintain.

In Jewish mysticism the mastering of the kabbalah helps bring man spiritually closer to god or Ashem ones inner light. The kabbalah explains in a very fine detail the working's of the universe, what is above is also below. What is outside is also inside.

This notion brings us to the next universal sign of awakening, which is the understanding of Karma the spiritual law of cause and effect. The understanding of this law propels a self evaluation of ones thoughts, attitudes, words and behaviors. Karma is a regulatory law of self responsibility. The Mystical seeker may begin to ask themselves, how can I revision my inner world? And in turn their outer world aligns opening gateways for deeper levels of Mystical Initiation of higher consciousness and rich opportunities for fulfillment.

Once the initial gateways are opened to the novice Mystic channels of spiritual resources can be accessed. The Mystical seeker has the responsibility to continuously raise his or her awareness and evolve to infinite possibilities of the wealth of cosmic consciousness.

Once one is on path, they are propelled in a steadfast manner with deep gratitude to continue the evolutionary raising of consciousness even when presented with obstacles or challenges.

In this steady state you are on a mission, you keep agreements, discern your thoughts and actions and continue quest in your inner calm and natural way dissolving obstacles.

As your steadiness matures, your deeds become more spontaneous loving actions. You are deeply in the flow of giving and receiving. Moving forward in this mature state you can revision and clean up ego centered thinking, dissolve and bring about its symbolic Death.

Out of this state one flows into clear consciousness of Mysticism which enables one to shed old thought patterns and belief systems deeply ingrained in family, cultural and societal systems. In this state of conscious clarity one becomes Resurrected and filled with love. The I AM presence indwells continuously breathing you.

A 21st Century Mystic living in mystical awareness is in the consciousness raising flow of: Birth~Death~Resurrection~Enlightenment I AM

Maria Pologeorgis © 2007

Ron Flatow © 2007

Maria Pologeorgis:
President Sacred Rose LTD. Women's Personal Development Technologies, President Sacred Rose™ Organic Herbal Teas, Certified Philosophers Stone Alchemy, Vibrational Medicine Practitioner, Certified Rape Crisis Counselor, Certified in M. O. E. B. L. (Mastery of Energies & Body Language), Reiki Master Practitioner, Past Life Regression Facilitator. Maria Pologeorgis has been teaching Consciousness and facilitating Soul Journeys for 25 years. Her methods are eclectic: her techniques are experiential including Guided Imagery, Cellular Memory Portal, Unified Right/Left Brain modalities and Somatic Bridge Technique. She facilitates Consciousness Raising Seminars and Women's Personal Development in NY, NJ, PA, NC, & FLA. For a schedule of seminars or to sponsor a seminar

email Maria: 631.651.8292

Ron is a published freelance writer and lyricist in magazines and small press and collaborates with musicians, keyboardists and composers. He has also received several poetry awards and has completed a lyrical poetry book, a biographical dream book based on personal experiences and is in the process of writing a children's picture book. His creative ambitions also touch on graphic and laser engraved designs. Ron is also involved within the spiritual metaphysical community as a Reiki level 2 practitioner.

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