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The Magic Of Bending Reality

Dr. Bruce King

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You can bend reality. I know this because I have done it. I have also taught others in my workshops to bend reality. All it takes is a willingness to learn and practice a precise formula.

This formula consist of 3 major things:

1) Energy

2) Non-Thought

3) Intent

One of the first things that one needs in order to bend reality is energy. Let's call this energy prana. You can gain, and lose pranic energy in many ways. By thinking of prana, you will take it in. For example: If you imagine that you are taking in prana from a glass of water while you are drinking it, then you are. This is just one of the many ways I recommend for taking in prana.

Here is one of exercises that I recommend to help you take in prana: Imagine a blue/white light filling the area you are occupying. Now imagine breathing in this blue/white pranic light in through your nose. Breathe out any red negative energy through your mouth as you exhale. Do this several times and see if you can feel a subtle difference in how you feel.

Now that you have learned one of the ways to gain energy to bend reality, let's talk about non-thought. Non-Thought is not actually no thought, it is really just thinking without the organic brain, using the higher consciousness only. A great way to practice non-thought is through meditation. Not just any meditation mind you, but a special meditation that also charges you with prana. This meditation may be the most important thing you do to enable yourself to bend reality effectively.


Find a comfortable quiet spot to meditate. Listen to some relaxing meditation music, trance or even techno; music without words seems to work best. Next, place your index and middle finger about 1 ½ inches below your belly button (chi chakra). Focus on the touch of your fingers on this area while relaxing into a non-thought state of mind. Do this for as long as you like. When you are ready, move your two fingers to your heart chakra, located in the middle of your chest and hold it for the desired length of time. After the heart chakra, move the fingers to the mind chakra located about the level of your eyebrows. Warning! This meditation has some powerful results so be ready for anything.

Now that you have a basic idea of non-thought let's move on to intent and how to properly shape it. Obviously, if you want to bend reality you must have a specific intention in mind. Let's start with something that the organic brain considers small, therefore possible. How about finding out some information?

Let's say you meet someone you like and you want to know whether or not they are currently in a relationship. You are too shy to actually ask them, so you use your new found powers of reality bending to intend to know this information. You already have the intention of knowing some specific information, now all you have to do is to shape that intention with feeling. Feel how you would feel as if you where hearing or discovering the information before you actually get it. Now, broadcast that feeling with your intent. Do it with a knowing that you will find out the information you desire. I have done this several times and I get the information I want within the flow of the conversation, without ever asking directly what I want to know. I call this conversation bending and it is a good way to start out your reality bending practices.

Using the 3 step formula of bending reality is a great way to begin bending reality in subtle ways.

Bruce King writes on metaphysical topics and teaches a workshop on How To Bend Reality. For more information go to


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