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The Secret Of Being And Belief


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Spiritual growth leads you to the idea that being creates doing. The best way to influence the law of attraction is focus on who you are being at all times. Use the spirituality information that comes to you to guide you to what you desire using the thought, word, deed formula of creation.

When we say deed we usually think of doing something. We take action on that which we have thought and spoken about. But now we are going to change our thinking here because as we said earlier, our beingness creates our doingness. So instead of concentrating on our doingness, we are going to concentrate on our beingness. From the state of being that we choose, we will begin doing the things that are natural to that state of being.

We don't “do sad. " First we “be sad" and then we “do sad things. " This is the nature of how we experience things. Everything that we experience is done from a state of beingness. No matter what we are doing, it is a reflection of what we are being.

As you read this article you are probably “being" contemplative or studious or thoughtful. You are probably not “being" greedy or frightened or outlandish.

Everything we do comes from who we are “being. " You can change your beingness in an instant. A thought can pop into your head and if you choose to pursue that thought, either consciously or unconsciously, you can “be" that new state of being instantly. That's how powerful and wondrous you really are.

Some states of being serve us better than other states of being. It is a matter of discernment on your part to determine what state of being would best serve you for any given situation in life that you encounter.

All thoughts that go through our heads are based on one of two emotions. The two emotions from which all thoughts come to us are either love or fear. All the thoughts that go through our heads are either love-based thoughts or fear-based thoughts. It is totally your choice about which thoughts you wish to pursue and which thoughts you wish to dismiss.

The dominant factor that determines whether you choose to pursue a love-based thought or a fear-based thought is your overall belief system. Once again, you have two belief systems available to you from which to choose.

You can choose a love-based belief system that is based on the concept that we are all one or you can choose a fear-based belief system that is based on the concept that we are all separate.

These are the two belief systems that are available to us and they both stem from the one belief system that is the core of everything in the universe. The core concept that is the foundation of everything that makes up the physical and metaphysical universe is the same core concept that makes up the realm of the absolute, of which God presides as the processor.

This core concept that is the foundation of God and the universe is “Love. " When you strip away everything else, the one thing that is left that cannot be stripped away is “Love. "

Love is the glue that holds the universe together.

Love is at the core of your being.

Who you “really are" is love.

Love is the only absolute because love is the only thing that does not change. Everything else in the physical and metaphysical universe is in a constant state of change.

Everything is revolving around this core concept of love, and life is nothing more than looking at love from all of its infinite perspectives.

So when you break it all down to the basics, you see that there is really only one belief system and that is a love-based belief system. If you are in alignment with this love-based belief system, you are moving with the natural flow of all universal energy. If you are in alignment with the fear-based belief system, you are struggling against the natural flow of universal energy.

The reason we have two belief systems to choose from is because we live in a physical universe that is based on the concept of relativity and duality. Everything in our life has an opposite in order to provide contrast and allow us to determine “who we really are" by knowing “who we are not. "

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