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Not Everyone Has A Soul

Dr. Bruce King

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The first time that I heard that not everyone has a soul was from a man named Eric Pepin. I was understandably a little shocked by his statement. I had never heard any other spiritual teacher make this claim. After all, the implications of this are not very appealing. This might mean that I don't have a soul. Or, that my loved ones might not have a soul. All the cheery stories of retaining our self-awareness after death could be wrong. After I learned a little more about this statement I began to understand and even accept that not everyone has a soul.

The premise goes something like this: God is everywhere and is everything; therefore you and I are a little piece of God. In other words, this universe and everything in it is a part of the body of God. If you and I are a little piece of the body of God, why would God need for us to retain our self-awareness after we die? It wouldn't. God would simply gain the experiences of each human just like we gain the experiences of the cells in our finger when we touch something. Do the cells in our finger have souls? Do they go to little cell heavens when they die? I doubt it.

But wait a minute; I said, “Not everyone has a soul. " This would indicate that some people do have souls. What is the difference between people that have souls and those that don't? The difference is simple. Those that have souls are people that have built a soul for themselves.

In order to build a soul you need two things, the desire and the knowledge. No one can give you the desire, but there is a place where you can get the knowledge.

Bruce King writes on metaphysical topics and teaches a workshop on How To Bend Reality. For more information go to


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