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Spiritual Materialism


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During the holidays, we are bombarded with advertising, sales, gift shopping, etc. urging us to spend, spend, spend, get, get, get, things, things, things.

The famous cry that Christmas has become too commercialized is so old hat now-a-days, I don't even hear people say that anymore. It is just an accepted fact now.

The focus this time of year is on what to give people as gifts, who to give to, how much to spend, and what we want to receive from others. It has given gift-giving a bad rap! Gift-giving is now associated with being greedy, materialistic, base, secular.

Let's step out of the human logistics of shopping and race thinking of being materialistic, greedy, and “nonspiritual" when contemplating the activity of gift-giving and desiring things.

First off, giving is a spiritual activity. Giving is Good. One of the qualities of Spirit is Love, and what is Love? It is the unconditional givingness of good. Giving for giving's sake is a blessed activity and is highly rewarded. That is the impersonal Law of Reciprocity.

Giving to get is more conditional. Giving because you “have" to is not unconditional. But giving for the joy of giving is God in Action.

So, giving is spiritual. What about desiring material things? Surely, that is not a spiritual concept. Religious Scientists have been accused of being materialistic and doing treatments to get “things. "

But again, seeing this from a different vantage point, what are things? Things are only the physical manifestation of Spirit. If there is only Unity, if there is only the One, then physical things are just as much Spirit as Prayer and other non-physical things. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science and author of The Science of Mind would back me up on this!

The physical is a reflection of the non-physical. You cannot be, see or have in the outer what you are not already in the inner. As we discussed last month, there is a mental equivalent for every physical manifestation. Material things and wanting material things are not bad. It does not make you less spiritual if you desire a physical object like a car or new house. The material can only reflect your own mental atmosphere, your own consciousness.

When you recognize that a material desire is just the physical expression of a quality of consciousness you are aiming to expand in yourself, you will start looking at wants and needs in a different way.

What a desire is really telling you is that your consciousness is expanding or trying to expand. You must have the consciousness for something before it will ever appear in your life.

Let's say you have a desire for jewelry. What is jewelry? Beautiful, bright colored gems or gemstones, shiny, smooth metals like gold, silver or platinum, sparkling diamonds. That is jewelry. It is the physical manifestation, the physical form, of beauty, opulence, and light. To desire beautiful things means you wish to express the consciousness of beauty. Beauty is a quality of God. And in order to manifest jewelry in your life, you must accept your own quality of beauty. You must define yourself as beautiful and worthy of beauty. You must define yourself as possessing the same quality that God possesses. You must start thinking of yourself in those terms. And is that not spiritual? Is that not connecting and associating yourself with Spirit. Isn't that the point of Spiritual Growth?!

When we see “rightly", as the Bible says, we will see the Spiritual Truth back of all material desires and possessions.

Giving and receiving is a perfect spiritual circle and cycle. Giving for the joy of giving. Receiving with gratitude and recognition of the physical/non-physical unity.

Circulating good, not hoarding, is the right relation to physical things. We are only stewards of the physical anyway. We do not really possess anything. As they say, you can't take it with you! We use and enjoy what we need and desire, and we release it when we are finished with it for others to use and enjoy. Everything is fluid. Everything is in constant motion.

We can look at the material with Spiritual Eyes. That is our learning. That is our growth. That is our greater understanding of Life.

So, give unconditionally this Holiday Season, keeping true to the Spiritual Action of Giving. And receive graciously and gratefully as a physical reflection of your growing consciousness of abundance and prosperity and beauty and joy.

©2007 Tina Montalto

Tina Montalto is the founder and president of Conscious Kernels, Inc. , an eMedia company specializing in New Thought spiritual eBooks, audio books, eCourses, electronic affirmations calendars, and multimedia programs located on the web at: - She is the author of “You are What You Think" available for free at the company's website. She created the one-of-a-kind pop-up electronic Affirmations Calendar, and serves as instructor for several eCourses on Spiritual Mind Treatment also available at the website. Conscious Kernels also offers a free monthly eNewsletter, a community-building blog, teleseminars and podcasts.


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