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Is Religion Just A Crutch For Weak People?


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It's believed by many that the practice of religion is nothing more than a psychological crutch for most people, indicating a weakness in those individuals. The conclusion is, by no means, without justification considering that a significant number of people do appear to find religion only in times of trouble, after incarceration and once they're past their youth. It's also reasonable to deduce that religion perhaps provides an escape during turbulent times. One may justifiably view that the taking up of a religion while one is incarcerated only seeks to prove positive change that may or may not have actually occurred. Likewise, it may be that becoming religious late in life may serve to fill in where the common sins of youth can no longer be committed.

Nevertheless, far too many people are reaching such a conclusion without knowledge and/or consideration of the facts surrounding other very numerous groups of people who are becoming “religious".

The majority of those who suddenly turn to religion as though it were a crutch, are found predominantly in the Western hemisphere where life is so very different from that of other regions of the world. In many nations of Asia and North Africa, and in a few countries of East Europe, it could hardly be concluded that to turn to religion is to turn to a crutch- especially if that religion is Christianity.

The ministries of the Voice of The Martyrs, and also that of In Jesus’ Name Ministries, two reputable organizations, report on the atrocities committed against Evangelical Christians. Most of these followers of Christ have backgrounds in the practice of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Atheism. It can easily be declared that the majority of such people would be so much better off rejecting Christ rather than receiving him as Savior.

These Christian converts face discrimination, imprisonment, torture, mockery, and martyrdom for their faith in the Son of God. Is it intelligent; is it rational to conclude that such Christian martyrs have found nothing but a “crutch" in Christ? Indeed, it is the strong, not the weak who place their faith in Jesus whether they rejoice or mourn, are rich or poor, young or old, whether they live or die. One is always wise to learn to think beyond his own small American world when forming opinions and ideas. He is wise to guard against the dangers of judging all people based on most people. Such prudence often indicates impartiality, a high level of education, and an open mind, all of which are noble qualities to possess.

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