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In God's Image - Developing Self-Esteem


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Powerful forces at work

The concept of building a powerful self-image is a dynamic force and is vital in your quest for personal development and releasing for complete freedom. You must first gain an insight into who you are before you can identify what you are. Then you can take the next step into developing the person you aspire to be. Remember always, even though people are not capable of total self-evaluation, you must be honest and embrace the real you, don't try to be someone else. As you delve deeper into your soul (inner person) you will evolve into your true self. Your whole outlook will become more positive and central. You will come to a realization that you are indeed created in God's own image and as such have the potential for greatness. Greatness is begotten from the father and born of the child. If this were not so He would have told us differently. Soon you, in God's image as a regenerated person, will come forward and the old suppressed person will simply melt away into a harmless memory of the past. In humans, transformation of mind comes with a deeper understanding of self and a closer relationship with God. .

Can create sickness

Many people, as perhaps you are, inflicted with a degenerative disease that permeates your total being. Since birth countless influences and pressures of your environment have controlled your true self. Your have become a product of your upbringing. In order to escape, you must gain the cooperation of those around you for support. Let them know you how important it is for you to change and you will no longer be the person you once were.

Stand on your own two feet

Your sincerity and determination will see you through. God wants you to stand on your own two feet and be an example of certainty on His behalf. You have to “kick the habit" so to speak. Life is indeed an implementation of habits. It's easy to fall into the jaws of compliancy and spiral into mediocrity. You find yourself fighting for life as you drown in a pool of hopelessness. Life as it was meant to be, will escape you because you never heard her call for transformation. You must be reborn, with a new set of values and new outlook on life.

Do not compromise

Most people fail because this is a developmental process that takes a lot of effort. As you begin to experience success; the more successes you have the higher the perception of yourself will become and the more you will crave the enriching feeling of self-completion. In time your horizons will expand like never before. You will see things in a new and exciting light. Obstructions that have hampered your life will melt and disappear in time. Soon your success drive will be a natural function that will operate at optimum efficiency. Failure is not part of the human spirit; it is a false concept that keeps people in bondage to the captivating merchants of the material world. If a person believes he/she can't be successful, then he/she will rely on worldly things to comfort or suppress the success drive.

"Advance, and never halt, for advancing is experiencing success. Advance I say, do not fear resistance for it is only thorns in the path and the blood they draw is minuscule and corrupt. "

Stay focused on God

Stay focused on God and build your self-image around that viewpoint. You're your new self-image illuminate God? What is self-image? It is simply the capacity to merge into Jesus’ mannerisms and convert them to yourself, with the realization of knowing you are in control of your destiny. While God gives you destiny, He allows you control over it. Your ability to achieve and develop is a control process that you must master. The gift may come from God, but the implementation is ultimately up to you. God supplies the tools and knowledge but He won't do it for you. In fact, no one will do it for you, nor will they care if you fail.

The fact is, it's not who you are that holds you back it's who you think you're not.

And Success will be yours

You are not only created in God's own image, you are created in his likeness; this is an extremely powerful physical force that has the ability to overcome all obstacles in conceiving plans that become realities of expression. Every possible element within God's creation is available for your use in your quest for success. Success is God directed and expected of His Children. All the ingredients, physical and mental are supplied for your use. It's up to you to sort out what to use and what not to use. Neither God nor any one else will do it for you. When you go to a library or log onto the Internet, all the information is there but you must sort through it and put it into use. It's like baking a cake. First, you must have the desire to bake a cake. Second, you must have a game plan, or recipe. Third, you must follow directions, and fourth, complete the process. The best-laid plans are of no account without these ingredients for action.

As a child of God, you are constantly setting an example for others, in one form or another. You are continually moving going toward something, either success or failure. In everyday life all people experience successions of failure and successes. They are called, ups and downs, or valleys and plateaus. In one thing you may excel while in another you may struggle. This is because in the material world, external forces are exerted on you from all directions. In the spirit realm, everything leans toward success, while the material world leans toward failure. Overcoming the resistance of the material world is a matter of realizing where the resistance is coming from and neutralizing it.

Welcome to a sensational world

Everything on earth, action or visualization, influences or exerts force on something else. You must find out what is influencing you in making clear choices. Is it a person, old failures, or skepticism? Never forget who you are; a creation of God made in His image and His likeness. Armed with this knowledge, nothing can stand in your way. You have the power to overcome, achieve, if you can conceive it, and believe it, then you can achieve it. Do not allow someone or something hold you back from your aspirations. Old failures are dead; don't carry around that which is dead. They are rotting, smelling, revolting, in your mind's eye. You must awaken to follow your dreams, it's what God wants and expects of you. Use God's abundance, tools and knowledge, it's unlimited and free for His Children. If you're a person of God, you will understand if you are not it doesn't matter, the same rules apply.

Happy Trails

Donald Yates, Former Director of Business and Leadership Development for Imperial Research, is now retired but continues to assist young people in engaging life through self discovery, Life course planning, intuitiveness and fulfillment. Learn how you can build a powerful organization of your own. To learn more, visit


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Image Modification - Rising Above Your Own Self Image
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