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How Strong Is Your Faith


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What if, Jesus Christ was really married to Mary Magdalene? Because of this question, Da Vinci Code is very popular around the globe. In reality, the book is damn good and well-researched. The movie is also incredible. One of my favorites as a matter of fact. Yet, have you ever thought of it? What if, Da Vinci Code is not only fiction but a tale of truth, which was kept into the innermost part of this world? What if, Dan Brown is just saying that his book is a work of fiction to conform to the Catholics’ protocols?

If you ask me, there's nothing wrong if Jesus Christ was, indeed, married to Mary Magdalene. The fact that His Father sent His only begotten son here on earth, Jesus is somehow implying to us that He was once a human being with vulnerabilities. In this case, Jesus might also be a great sinner like us. I am not saying that you don't have to believe to those Children's books, which only traces the ideal inspiring life of Jesus. Those stories are true but I want to ask you: Did you ever ask yourselves what's the life of Jesus on the other side?

Basically, I can't really point a single trace of immorality if Jesus was married to Magdalene. He's brought in this world as a MAN; therefore, He possessed all forms of physical desires, which can be only satisfied by an opposite sex. Yes, Magdalene, according to the bible, is a prostitute. What's the BIG problem? No one is perfect. If Jesus fell in love with Magdalene then it somehow tells me that Jesus is not a prejudice. He doesn't judge the book by its cover. It only reveals that He's not only a GOD but also a Good Man while here on earth.

I'm not compelling you to believe. However, this world owns a huge land of mysteries waiting to be unfold. I'm not an atheist or a pious person, either. I'm open for any possibilities. I just don't rely what is written or what is coerced for me to believe with. There's a saying that says: For those who believe, does not raise questions. I don't believe; Questions are more important than answers, even if the question has no answer at all. The BIG problem with us is we are trying to speak, act and believe what is only perfect. Geez, perfection is boring! I know for a fact that life is complicated. Yet, we must not forget that everything happens for a reason. Like Da Vinci's Code, I'm somehow sure that there is a “truthful" reason behind its fictional tale, do you agree?

Dean Ryan Martin is currently working as a web researcher/writer in Agents of Value (Eversun), an IT Outsourcing Company. He regularly tags himself as SurvivorDean. His life as a handicap can be very miserable and frustrating. Despite of the left and right negative feedbacks and criticisms in his back, he still hangs on and simply survive life the way it can be. Want to read his insights, Click Here


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It's All About Faith
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