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The Art Of Peace

Jim Cassa

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"Peace is where you find it" by Anonymous.

The quest for peace can be challenging in this modern age. But it can be done. You can experience peace in the modern world of today. Conscious effort is what will get you there. This means using your own means to plan peaceful time.

There are more resources available today than at any other time in modern history. These resources can assist you in your journey of peace. From books on affirmations to meditation classes, from spiritual gurus to internet websites, and from DVD's to community classes. It's an avalanche of New Age material which can be a great resource for you. It can also be a little confusing. For example where does one start the quest for peace amongst this bountiful supply of New Age wisdom?

Peace and wisdom are part of humanity's genetic code. It's with us the moment we are born. Sometimes it can be undeveloped. Sometimes it can be buried under the pain and knocks obtained through living. It's there though. Even in today's modern age people have developed the qualities of peace and wisdom to a high degree. These people are no different to you and I. What they have done is made conscious choices. Choices that enable them to walk on the road of peace. To do this they understood some basics. The following fundamentals can be a big help in anyone's peaceful journey.

Let's talk about the subject of an open heart. The heart centre is an important part of finding peace. If you have studied any metaphysics you know that the heart chakra resides in the centre of the chest. Chakra is a sanskrit word translated into English means wheel of light and energy .

The heart centre is very powerful. There is an expression called " heart intelligence “. The heart has a knowing which transcends space and time. The intelligence of the heart can be used to help you in your peace journey. How many times have you said to yourself, " I just knew it! If only I listened to my intuition I would have made the right choice!". This is your heart speaking to you. The more in tune we become with our heart centre the more it guides us.

Right feeling and right action make for a peaceful life. The feelings of love and happiness are generated in the heart. Getting in touch with this powerful centre of ours can be life transformational.

Here is an open heart meditation. It might sound a bit esoteric but it works. Pick a quiet place in your home and sit comfortably. Place your left hand on your heart with the open palm of your hand. Take your right hand palm facing up to the ceiling. Close your eyes and say to yourself, " My heart is open to Universal Love and Light now. "

Your left hand is touching your heart centre. It is a gesture of appreciation for its wisdom. Your right hand is open palm up accepting universal energy and love. This is a simple yet powerful thing to do for yourself. By showing kindness and acknowledging the intelligence of your own heart centre it will open up more for you. The heart centre is important in guiding you.

Brainwave states are familiar to most people who meditate. Understanding them can be a powerful aid in living. There are four key brainwave states. These are Beta, alpha, theta , and delta brainwave states.

The brain generates electricity and this can be measured with an EEG machine. ( electroencephalograph). The Beta mind state is characteristic or normal waking consciousness. It is our normal everyday consciousness where we live our lives at. It is the mind state I am typing these words in. Beta frequency is for 14 cycles per second to 100 cycles per second ( called 14 Hertz, abbreviated Hz).

The Alpha mind state has a frequency of 8 to 13 Hz. In alpha people experience relaxation and a sense of calm. This state is a prelude to deep meditation.

Theta waves have a frequency of 4 to 8 Hz. This is a powerful mind state where you can access unconscious material and creative ideas. It is also the gateway to the subconscious. If you want to give your subconscious instructions such as solving problems for you this is the state to do it in.

Delta brain waves have a frequency below 4 Hz. It is a sleep state. It is important to get a good nights sleep as in the Delta state our brains release large quantities of healing growth hormone.

One straightforward way to create these empowering brainwave states for yourself is through meditation. Meditation can enable you to access the Alpha and Theta brainwave states. Here is a simple meditation you can do at home. Pick a quiet room in your home, sit down, and make yourself comfortable. Close your eyes. Now watch your thoughts. There is a good chance you notice your mind is jumping around like a monkey. Just keep observing it. Kind of like an observer from a distance. Think of yourself as a separate identity watching your brain's thought process. Pretty soon you'll notice the mind start to calm down and stop jumping around. Great. You have just attained or closely approached the alpha brainwave state.

Sometimes the path to peace is like being blindfolded in a dark room. There are obstacles which prevent flow. There is a piece of wisdom that was passed to me and I would like to share it with you. If peace is hard to find and you are experiencing your darkest hour do this. Think and attempt to live by this motto, " Seeing the divine in everyone is the essence of spirituality. " So empower yourself and come from your centre. The essence of spirituality is to welcome another person. It is also the essence of peace. So I finish this article in Sanskrit by saying to you , " Shanti, shanti, shanti. " Or in English , " Peace, peace, peace. "

Copyright © James Cassa

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