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Psychic Intuition Versus Ego - The Great Battle

Tolga Savas

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Psychic intuition and our ego really do not go hand in hand thus creating conflicts, like the great armies of opposing forces, always ready to beat each other. Psychic intuition, your gut feeling your inner wisdom at work is what I believe is your soul trying to communicate to you, chat to you silently and instinctively to guide and protect you. Psychic intuition is always there within us, this subconscious knowledge that governs our lives on different levels; also it is at work every night while we are in a dream state at its pure form, this could be the reason to have very powerful dreams that tackles us when we are awake, asking ourselves what the dream meant. And the ego on the other hand is within us as well, these two great emotions or feelings, create conflicts that we tend to fall victim to, the ego.

This great psychic intuition power that beckons us to learn and cultivate is like a compass that guides the sailor who is lost in the great oceans at night. It can be cultivated to use at will, by education by learning how to use our great allies such as gratitude, compassion, joy, happiness, psychic awareness, laughter, intimacy, inspiration, relaxation, allowing time for self, meditation, through understanding, through respect to one another, reflecting love to our environment and to all those we share this planet with.

Ego on the other hand our oldest enemy yet greatest conflict creator. Is like a force that always gets us down, ego is when we do nothing at all yet ask credit for achievements that we could otherwise get by following our psychic intuition. Words like I am better than; I am kind (yet with no contribute), I am helpful (yet no actions of such), I know it all, I am the best of such and such and many other examples of the feeling of selfishness.

But our true nature intuitively, is like a baby who is just fed and laying warm in the arms of its mother. We adults too are living under the magical skies and the stars yet sometimes let our self or better yet not in touch with our true self as we like to be, for get this heavenly misunderstood power (psychic intuition) that beats with every heart beat, only comes out when we call for it and seek from within, especially when ego is winning buy bringing us down when we are overly using this feeling.

I believe when our senses are heightened on spiritual level and logic, then our psychic intuition is reflected out. The greatest battle won by the elimination of the unhelpful desires of self.

Being true to ourselves through self honesty, learning the signs and signals that come from within, learning to distinguish between those come from the within (soul) and of those come from ego. Our kind human friends and family or loved ones can do many things for us. But this one thing (cultivating and using our psychic intuition) only we can do for ourselves.

Tolga Savas
World known Psychic spiritual guide, manages Kumalak web site and offers psychic chat online , online dream analysis online psychic readings spiritual guidance, live online chat in real time, KUMALAK the Mirror of Destiny, see the future that is now.


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