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Bending Reality - The Correct Mindset

Dr. Bruce King

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"Thoughts are energy, thoughts are alive. "- Eric Pepin

Since consciousness collapses the wave form of energy into matter, what we think or believe creates our reality. Unfortunately, it seems a single individual can't move reality very much even with heart felt beliefs because they are going against the collective consciousness of the planet. One mind against billions. However, there have been masters throughout history that have been able to defy the collective consciousness and perform “miracles". Perhaps they do this by creating a bubble around themselves that somehow temporarily insulates them from the effects of the collective conscious reality, or consensus reality.

So the solution to bending reality apparently lies in sincere belief and also defying the collective consciousness by creating a bubble to insulate you from the collective influence that says you can't fly, walk through walls or teleport etc.

Eric Pepin mentions on the Unveiled module and the In-Between module that by becoming aware of as many things as possible through your sensory input you slow down the organic brain and are able to slip out of the virtual world. Is this the bubble one needs to escape the collective consciousness’ restrictions? Eric Robison also mentions being aware of your environment in his book, Bending God, (pg. 260-263). This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it on the resource page of my web site.

Trying to move slowly enough.

Eric Pepin states on the Unveiled module: (free online)
"When I say we cannot move slow enough, it means to try to be conscious of as much as possible. Watch what happens when I am talking, feel what you feel. See the carpet. Feel the chair that you are sitting in. Feel your hands touching your skin. Hear the sound in the room. Be aware of one another. BE CONSCIOUS OF AS MANY THINGS AS YOU CAN [emphasis mine]. The first question is you say “what for? It's just gonna be the same in two seconds", that's not. . . that's how a human thinks. When you slow everything down. . .in the beginning it's just a struggle to be aware of it instead of automating it. When you slow everything down, the longer you train yourself to be aware of everything; it slips you slowly out of the virtual reality. You become less and less a machine. " - Eric Pepin

The advice from Eric Pepin to be conscious of as many things as you can has helped me tremendously. This is an awesome technique and one of the many that I teach in my workshop on how to bend reality.

Bruce King writes on metaphysical topics and teaches a workshop on how to bend reality. For more information go to


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Sincerity - The Bridge Between a Perceived Reality and Reality - Part 1
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