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Matrix of Reality

Dr. Bruce King

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I remember when I went to see the first Matrix movie. I had no idea what it was about. While I was sitting there watching it there was something inside of me that felt there was some truth to it.

Now, I don't believe that we are actually in some liquid filled pod somewhere providing energy for a bunch of machines, but I do feel like we are in a program or virtual reality that mimics what I saw in the Matrix movie.

What evidence is there that we are living in a matrix like reality? How about the occurrence of paranormal events? How can a distressed mother lift a car weighing several thousand pounds to rescue her child? Or, how can someone know that their friend is calling them right before the phone rings? There are many other examples in the everyday world but suffice it to say something else is going on in this “reality" than we can explain with conventional science.

There are several authors that have tried to explain what is going on, but I just didn't find them that helpful when I read them. The only person that I really found to be telling new and profound information about the truth of the matrix of reality is Eric Pepin.

I will talk about Eric Pepin a little bit more later, but first - here is an experiment you can try to test to see if you are living in the Matrix. Try to dissolve a cloud just by thinking about dissolving a cloud. Remember you will not be doing this with your organic brain but with your higher consciousness. It may take some practice, but I know it's possible because I have done it many times. Now, some of you are probably thinking, “Yeah, right, you are just fooling yourself that you are making the cloud dissolve. Clouds come and go all the time. " You are somewhat correct, that is why I suggest that you have a comparison cloud close to the cloud you are trying to dissolve. If you dissolve one cloud and the comparison cloud stays then you have just dissolved a cloud with your intent.

How is it possible to dissolve a cloud with intent? One reason is because not that many people are looking at the sky. Why should that make a difference? It makes a difference because the consciousness of other people influences reality too. That's right, your consciousness is affecting the reality you see, touch and feel right at this very moment. The more in touch you become with the truth that reality is intimately connected to your consciousness the more you will be able to manipulate reality.

This is what people in the Secret movie are tapping into without realizing it. The What the Bleep movie also talks about how we are living in a matrix of reality. These are all well and good movies to help educate us but what about learning the secrets to manipulating this matrix that we live in? For that you need a great teacher. That teacher is Eric Pepin. Since training with Eric and his staff for 2 years I have learned to do some amazing things. Cloud dissolving is mild in comparison. There is much more to learn.

Bruce King writes on metaphysical topics and teaches a workshop on How To Bend Reality. For more information go to


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