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God - It is Disappointing When People Say They Do Not Trust in God Anymore!

Ujwala Bapat

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Trying to test God's powers for sorting out our ego and attitude problems is one if the most insulting things we could ever expect of Him. God exists and exists somewhere as a higher power over all living beings and not just the humanity. Some of us think of God as just nature or the unknown power, however, there are very less of us who think He does not exist.

These are the times when practicality is ‘In’ and ideologies have been thrown out of the window, however, in these times when everything is being question, God has been quietly reinstated in everything that goes on around us.

God is there and will remain to exist and show us a way round for us whenever we need him. I have felt his presence so many times, especially those where the times when I did not even pray, but simply felt his protection around me so everything remained safe.

Expecting God to answer you prayers to solve some ego hassles would not be ideal. Instead God is always there for those who are whole heartedly and very aptly trying hard to prove something or themselves in a very clean and innocent manner. I view God in a very different manner from just the temples, the churches and the masjids.

As a Hindu, since my childhood I was taught almost all mantras, shlokas, everything that time allowed. However, once during a ‘Pooja', we had a very learned Brahmin come over, I was a just married bride then, and he asked me, what is the essence of God? Is it that you say your payers in morning and evening and ask Him to bless you? Or that you complete a ‘Pooja’ each year and think you done for good?

Believe me no religion is so shortsighted and narrow minded as to list your own self as important. Instead, God is all about seeing God in practically every one around us and in your self. If you respect ‘the you’ can you respect ‘someone else’. Dressing up for an occasion does not merely mean dressing up, it also pleases the God inside you, you feel happy, you have a smile on your face, and automatically everything around you is going to be pleasant. Bringing everything to general harmony is what religion is all about.

This is important to bring oneness in all life around us. Loss of charity, showing off of own possessions, competition are somewhere connected to the ‘Me’ or ‘Ego’ factor which is the very base of any conflict. And this is what exactly you get to see all around us today, this is the root cause of wars being waged. It is satisfying the ego of ‘Me’ that has seen destruction throughout this century.

It is very simple to draw this conclusion, however, it is not the God who is not answering your prayers. We all need to introspect to find out how near and how pure are our efforts. Any action out of necessity is understandable. However, an action out of greed is unforgivable. God exists and he will answer prayers so far they are justified and not already ruled by destiny. Till then firmly believe in the adage ‘Whatever happens, happens for the best. '

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