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Uncertain Paths of Spirituality

Mona Magick

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I caught on quite well that scientific mistakes have been always acceptable to a degree because as we learn better we call it “ground breaking" news and the knowledge once held as true and now false is easily excused. It's not just in science, but medicine, religion, politics, not to mention in social behavior.

Today there are millions of people following, or worshiping within a given faith or belief system. Within the realm we inhibit, we know of an “alpha and omega" or beginning and end - life and death. All else in between is just a journey to the inevitable. . So I will cease to bore you with my analogies and bluntly state that there no Laws of Occult, only understanding and total emergence of ones esoteric consciousness with all that IS.

To give weight to my statement: Nothing perfect changes in it's substance as it's law is to remain constant however confirming to perhaps grow or constrict depending on it's purpose all relative to cause and reaction. With this philosophy there would only be one way faith, one practice perfect within it's self either growing with energy or constricting that which is waste. So my question to support my statement is If there is a beginning of any kind. . . who associated the stars and planets to tag personality traits before even the 7th then 9th planet was discovered? After all it could only be the positioning of the planets of course since it was only recently discovered through “ground-breaking" research that Pluto is indeed NOT a planet. For the record, in defense of Astrology I argue that it is the positioning of the “planet" that matters.

Humankind has to make sense and order about dedication lest it seems meaningless. With this all this rolled up into one big ball you have limitations, inhibitions and ignorance. It's not surprising to me that this ignorance has gone on for centuries in all walks of faith. If the mysteries that “be" are beyond us all why do we follow the spiritual laws of man? Perhaps it is because there are those who feel compelled to lead and others to follow. Perhaps it is because there are those who choose not, or know not to use ones esoteric consciousness to connect with the Abyss of Knowing. I admit, in today's world it may be a bit much to think and do on ones own. . . it's much safer for many to be lead.

It is not to discredit any religion, faith, occult sect or society, I only challenge all to follow through your soul rather than another that is still searching for something he or she may never be able to see prove or be. It would be your souls safe judgment to follow one who has reached the Abyss and back else be it by man or woman is bound to be by fault as seeing the world flat one day and then round by next.

Blessings to All,

Mona Magick

Brightest Blessings & Warmest Wishes,
Mona Magick


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Uncertain Times?
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