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Are people responsible enough to have charge over all Earthly things?

The Scriptures state that man has dominion over all living things on Earth. This act of responsibility was never surrendered to any principle, principality or demonic power. Man still has and will forever have dominion over all things alive and otherwise, on earth. Why then doesn't humans take responsibility for what is rightfully theirs?

No clue to true reality
People have no clue as to their fate. Out of fear they can't grasp the concept of dominion and cling to the mistaken idea that they could not have such a power. Fear is a paralyzing force that extinguishes hope and confidence in dominion over evil. People must come to a realization to what Truth is for their own peace of mind and future betterment.

Fear holds us back
Because of fear and unawareness People simply don't think they have the ability to execute their rightful heritage. Their eyes are clouded and they can no longer see or comprehend truth. They see the world as though looking through a hazed window. They have given up their rightful place and now cling to a materialistic world.

If we can get it clearly in our minds that thought is a source of power and there is no need to force or coerce, but simply contemplate the significance of an effect. Thought unused will not produce substance but merely a possibility of substance.

From realizing greatness
In realizing this, everything that pertains to the nature of wealth or substance already encompasses a correct spiritual principle of intent and may be invoked to advance through truthful activation of the Law of Spirit/Mind. Supply is the materialization of thought which is no more than a symbol of invisible substance which is pure spirit. If you want the symbol to materialize then you must first recognize the root of the substance.

Remember, we are dealing with Absolute Causation or God's will, there is no greater authority in all the Universe. All effect which exist as potential flows through Spirit and automatically demonstrate itself as you use the law of Causation. Idea enforces the law of Substance as supply. The mind invokes the body and surrounding aids to draw the desired substance into reality or experience.

Is it impossible to get away?
It is impossible to remove ourselves from the effects of Causation for cause is the substance that sustains effect. Where cause is the beginning effect is the end. Because this action/reaction element is in force all the time, it is best to always make known your request in humbleness and thanksgiving.

The Law serves its master
Always remember, the law of cause and effect is always the servant of the one using it. This gives the initiator a great responsibility to always use the law in a responsible manner. The law does not know good or bad it only knows its force of performance. Even though the law moves in a particular way, it never performs exactly the same given the same circumstance. Conditions are never the same so as to enact the same result. Time and conditions change with each passing moment, which creates a different scenario with each activation. There are never two accounts exactly the same in God's creation.

One action begets another
If no two leaves on a tree are the same or two blades of grass; certainly no action of law is repeated the same. You can't duplicate an action precisely the same. It may seem the same to our senses but as we race through time each event is in a different position.

The bottom line is this; thought is cause and effect is its manifestation. They are simply two ends of any particular use of the law, one begins the other finishes. The law never fails only the misconception of the law guides it in a different direction.

We are limited by our own insight

Whatever disagreement we have within ourselves in which the right to use the law is denied for providing good or experiencing abundance and happiness, we should immediately turn to that disagreement by affirming our knowledge of its distractive possibility and turn toward reaffirming its exact opposite.

The Universe we live in is a spiritual manifestation of God's revealing himself. As such, it is governed by the action of its own Intelligence. God has no limit except that which He places on himself. In our understanding, there is no limitation, except that which we place upon ourselves, in reality all is boundless and free. We use minute particles of power in an unlimited system to achieve simple procedures that we believe to be complex. Our experience is minuscule given the possibilities of a limitless Source of power. We are allowed excess too small increments of information to control evolving conditions but even in our limitations, we marvel at technology and transformation.

Limitation is a mindset
In our minds we limit ourselves according to our surroundings. Our senses tell us we are limited by natural events. We can't fly, walk on water, etc. but natural forces pertain only to material undertakings. We place ourselves in a rigid environment and believe we are also rigid, the truth is, thought has no limitations.

Our senses communicate a narrow range of what is interpreted as our reality. Because our senses are limited we believe our experience is also limited. We stay within a range of recognition which is a reflection of our perception.

Freedom is also a mindset

There is a freedom beyond normal observation which we can all partake. In your minds eye, all is possible.

"For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:"

Happy Trails

Donald Yates, Former Director of Business and Leadership Development for Imperial Research, is now retired but continues to assist young people in engaging life through self discovery, Life course planning, intuitiveness and fulfillment. Learn how you can build a powerful organization of your own. To learn more, visit


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