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Spirituality Information Feel Your Visualization


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The secret to manifesting your desires is to visualize them first and then use the law of attraction by really feeling that visualization through constant attention. Spiritual growth happens when you invoke the law of attraction this way.

You have a desire within you that you choose to experience. You have consciously taken the time to visualize what this desire looks like when it is an actual part of your experience. You can visualize the end result.

This end result comes to you in the form of a visual picture and it also comes to you as a feeling. It is in this feeling of what you visualize that you want to tap into when you are consciously thinking about your visualization.

It is in this feeling that you get the emotional vibration that the universe responds to. The higher the level of emotion that you feel, the higher the vibrational message that the universe receives in knowing that you possess this experience.

That is why your feelings are such an important part of the creative visualization process. They set up an emotional vibration that, when matched with the universe, cannot help but have the effect of bringing into your reality the object of your visualization.

Is this not a wonderful relationship between what you visualize, how you feel about it and the ultimate manifestation of that into your life? You see and experience the cause and effect and fun when you attach emotional feelings that reflect happiness, joy, abundance and right living to whatever it is that you desire.


The next logical step is to bring forth a beingness that reflects the feeling associated with your visualization. When you assume the beingness of your end result, you are telling the universe that it is done.

The universe acts in accordance with what you tell it is your truths and your beliefs. When you tell the universe that you are in alignment with the end result of your visualization, you are allowing the universe to send you more of the same.

This is a powerful way to create your desires into your reality, and the more you do this consciously, in total awareness with high emotional vibration, the more the universe responds to your request with its delivery.

The concept to remember at all times is that Beingness creates Doingness. This idea of actively and consciously engaging “who you are being" is the most important contributing factor to what you end up doing. If you are consciously choosing happiness it is really hard to do anything but happy things.

Remember at all times that “life is change, " so remind yourself that you are in a constant state of changing what you are being. This constant change is the spice of life. Enjoy it. Embrace it. It's fun to move from emotion to emotion. Combine this constant change with a vigilant awareness of who you are being and you can guide and direct your life to the events and people that you choose to experience in your life.

Wow! It is all good. Just choose to see it all that way. Then Be that.

Richard Blackstone is an award winning author and international speaker on Love, Oneness & Creation. Journey into discovery of Self by reading this FREE report; “The 3 Simple Immutable Laws of the Universe" at:


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