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Hopi Prophecy Conditional - To Whom it May Concern


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The Hopi people received many prophecies from Creator, and they were given instructions with them. These instructions showed that the prophecies are conditional. These prophecies have world wide implications, especially in the Middle East.

Other prophecies interrelate with the Hopi prophecies. For instance, the promise from Creator in the biblical book of Ezekiel that He will unite the House of Judah with the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel (sometimes referred to as the House of Joseph) is the same event as the completion of the Hopi migration back to Jerusalem. This prophecy is also conditional. The union will happen when and if the people are ready.

There are various stories about White Buffalo Calf Woman of the Lakota Sioux. She brought them a sacred pipe, and one of the stories says she told them that if they asked for something through the pipe, then they would receive it.

Creator has given me a ceremony that apparently relates to these prophecies. It is called the Brotherhood Pipe Ceremony. My understanding is that this ceremony is the seventh ceremony White Buffalo Calf Woman promised to bring the Lakota. I also understand that this ceremony will be performed when the union of the House of Judah and the House of Joseph occurs, and the performance of this Brotherhood Ceremony will seal the union. Then the Israelites will no longer refer to Creator as the God who brought them out of bondage in Egypt, but as “Adonai Tzidkenu", “HaShem, (the Lord) is our Righteousness. " His children will be walking in the righteousness of our beloved patriarch, Abraham.

The product of this union will be called the Rainbow Tribe. Hopi who have chosen to walk the Red Road will be spiritual leaders of the Rainbow Tribe, however, this is also conditional. There must be at least one Hopi living in the righteous spiritual ways of the traditional Hopi elders for this to occur.

It is expected that a brother and sister will begin a fifth world community in a location of Creator's choosing. The people Creator will bring to this community will have a thirst for walking in closeness with Creator, and for living unconditional love without judgment. They will be walking the Red Road, the spiritual path that will help us learn and acquire spiritual growth necessary to attain a oneness with Creator.

It is expected that at least one of the Hopi spiritual leaders at the union will be invited to this Red Road community to teach others Hopi spiritual ways, (not Hopi religion), the ways of Abraham's righteousness. Spiritual Cherokee and spiritual Lakota may also be invited to teach others the ways of living of their traditional ancestors, so that others may learn and take the knowledge back to their own people. There will be others Creator may send who will teach ways of survival. These teachings will be important to help many survive the Great Purification that appears to be just over the hill.

All of this is conditional. It hangs on, “Are we willing to help one another?" Will Creator find the righteous people who are destined to fulfill these prophecies?

Warm thoughts and blessings to Creator's precious children. May we find ways to help many.

Dorothy was taught by Cherokee elder and wisdom keeper, John Red Hat Duke, for over ten years in Keetoowah Cherokee spiritual ways, in Eastern philosophy, and in Judaism. She was raised Christian so she has a good working knowledge of Christianity. She became disillusioned with Christianity so she now follows no religion, but strives to walk the Red Road spiritual path according to Jesus’ teachings.

She received her call from Creator in the fall of ‘92, and was then taught by the great prophet Elijah for four years. She was given four assurances by Creator when He called her. She was told that she was anointed by the Holy One of Israel, that she would be protected until this work was done, that Creator would go before her whenever He sent her somewhere, and that she did not have to prove herself to anyone. She was divinely directed in 1996 to always wear white. She is one of Creator's two witnesses He promised to send us.

Red Road spiritual teachings of Jesus, Moses, and Elijah, in the righteousness of Abraham are taught in the book Red Hat Speaks by Dorothy K. Daigle. Cherokee elder Red Hat's teachings are also shared in this book. Red Hat Speaks can be ordered from any bookstore for $10.95. Let's help one another so we can survive the coming turbulent end times.


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