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The Christ, Who Is He


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Who is Christ? Now there is a question that will entertain numerous answers. There are many opinions as to who was, or is Jesus. Many will say that He is the Son of God, Son of Man while others claim him to be a man who preached his opinions-a great man, and only a man. Some will say He was a lunatic, who just had to go against the beliefs at that time.

The facts surrounding Jesus are actually pretty simple. Whether you believe Him to be of Divine Creation, or just a mere mortal, you cannot overlook the impact He has had on multitudes of people. The debate of who he is will go on forever, however given the fact that Christianity is alive and well-who can doubt that he existed, or still exists?

Many people will claim that the “State of the World"-Wars, disease, murder and such is proof that this Savior does not exist! They will claim that the millions living in poverty, the homeless, weather killing thousands, again proof that this Divine Entity is not real. So many will use tragedy as an example of the failure of this Christ. This is actually unfounded, where did Jesus say that there would be no tragedy in life?

The Christians will say that Jesus is their strength-through tragedy. He also say's that “In your hour of Need" to call on Him. Another point that must be considered, did at any time Jesus state that the world would not have suffering and tragedy? Can it be possible that the majority of hardships one faces in life, are brought about by himself or another? It is easy to see that Jesus knew there would be hardships in life, he spoke of evil, dying and pain. It seems as though Jesus is not here to rid the world of tragedy and pain, yet to give comfort and hope.

As the question of whether or not Jesus is the real deal, a Savior or just a man will be asked to the last day. One still has take into account the changes He brought into the world. And these changes were not tragedy and disease-they were comfort and hope, and to the masses that believe in Him-He will deliver even more. Whether real or not, He has changed the life of many, and there will be many more changed. So-does he exist? Yes-and hopefully He exists in you.

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There Is No Christmas But The Charity Of Christ
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