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Using Your Divine Ability

Happy Riches

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The law of attraction is about believing and receiving, visualizing and realizing, and blabbing and grabbing.

Why does the concept work? It works because human beings have been created in the image of God.

Everything has come into existence through thought. A thought is an idea. An idea is the concept. The concept has to be conceived. This means it has to become real before it ceases to be merely an abstraction; that is, something that exists but has no definite form or true essence.

The Gospel of John tells us that in the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God; all things were made through him; and without him there was not anything made that was made.

Human beings, being created in the image of God, by implication have a similar ability. We cannot see God, but we can feel God. For God to be all knowing, all powerful and ever present, and truly the greatest of all, God has to be infinite. This means that God has no bounds and therefore his form cannot ever be known. But this does not necessarily mean that we cannot know God.

The idea of God is denied by atheists who believe there is no such thing as a Supreme Being that Created the Universe and all that is within. The atheist has no hope. So it is impossible for an atheist to believe in anything other than that they are a futile temporal worthless image of existence that knows pain and looks forward to death to that they might be non-existent once again.

However, for the rest of humankind who know that there is such a thing as hope and have exercised hope in their lives by hoping for something to happen and then seeing it come to pass, God is more likely to be real. There may be many differences in how various groups and individuals view God. But this is not to say that God is someone whom the individual creates, because the idea of a Supreme Being is universal. What may differ is the view of how to approach God, and what the Supreme One might require of the individual.

For those who can accept humankind is made in the image of God, and this is not a physical image but more a metaphysical image, then grappling with the law of attraction as a proven principle is not an issue. Really, it just makes sense.

Projection of our own ideas is something everyone does. When you speak and say, “Look!" this is is a projection of your thoughts, whether you like it or not. The very image that you see, and the fact that you are directing someone else to do as you are doing, means that you are projecting the idea of another person looking at what you are looking at.

You may not realize you are projecting the idea, but you are. This is a subconscious thing. You will have subconsciously thought of this and thereby are motivated to influence another person to do what you are doing.

When it comes to attracting various things into your life, you are doing the same thing. You are simply sending out vibes or sound waves at an unconscious or a conscious level into the environment and attempting to coax or influence your desires to come to pass.

Likewise God, the Supreme Being brought everything into being that did not exist through the same means. It all begins as an idea that progresses into a thought and then an utterance. So in the beginning was the Word and all things were made through Him, as the Gospel of John states.

You are no different and have been given a similar ability to be able to conceive, believe and achieve.

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Carriers Of God's Divine Presence
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