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Healing Questions That Transform Your Life - Spiritual Growth And Healing

Marilyn B. Gordon

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There are some significant questions that, when you pose them to yourself, you find a deepening of your understanding of your life and your inner process. These questions help you to transform all the issues of your life.

Can I experience more love here?

In your healing process, you can ask yourself, “Can I experience more love here?"
Seeing a previously distressing situation with eyes of love can be extraordinarily healing.

Can I step back from this and see it in a different way, from another perspective?

This is also called “witness consciousness, " and it is a profound state for healing. It is the ability to step out of the mire of the experience and to see it from a greatly expanded point of view. Your Wise Mind can give you the understanding so that you can move back from the “pea soup" of your experience, and you can see in new ways. Seeing an experience from an expanded point of view shifts it.

Can I quiet my mind? Experience more peace?

We all know that the mind is constantly thinking. That's its job, and it thinks incessantly. What we may or may not know is that the constant parade of thoughts obscures the light inside. Your thoughts may be sad or angry or achievement-oriented or worried. This is determined by your own destiny and programming. When we can go “underneath" the thoughts and feelings, we can find a blanket of peace.

Can I have more compassion here?

Compassion is about caring for the well being of another. In your own healing process, you can first have compassion for yourself. You've been working so hard, doing what you can do to make your life and the lives around you be a good as possible. Compassion for yourself and for others helps to bring peace, love, and healing to your life.

What am I learning from this?

When you have a sense that there is meaning in the events of life, that though illusory, they are instructive and instrumental in our evolution, you look for the teaching in all of your experiences. Again, you can ask, “What would my Wise Mind tell me about this?" You simply pose the question about what you're learning from this. “What am I being asked to notice about this situation? What is its significance in my life?"

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Marilyn Gordon is a board certified hypnotherapist, teacher, speaker, healer, and author. Her newest book is The Wise Mind: The Brilliant Key to Life Transformation and Healing.


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Spiritual Healing Releases Physical Healing
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