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Rune Sorcery Mental Radionics Part 7

Ellis Peterson

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Mental Radionics

Let us review your Rune Sorcerer work up to this point.

At this point, you are continually meditating, and using ‘breathing in exercise’ of each of the 18 individual Runes. Your are sitting daily in your Rune chair or your Rune room. You are building a powerful Runic energy field around your chair or room. You are using your magic Rune notebook to jot down thoughts and ideas that come to you during your Rune Sorcerer work session. You are daily building a Runic protective wall using the Thorn (Thurisaz) rune. You have one around yourself, your family, the outer limits of your home and property and your vehicles.

Continue to do this daily. Life is lived one day at a time. You cannot take anything for granted and rest on yesterday's laurels. You must sow tdoay for tomorrows reaping. You must protect and prepare yourself and your loved ones daily.

The strength and powerful working principle behind your Rune Sorcery work is your mind. The human mind is the most powerful, functional working machine on the planet.

You are where you are right now, reading this paper because of all your thoughts of yesterday and the infinite yesterdays that went before.

Now with the help of your mind and the science of Mental Radionics, you can, from this day forward build a happier, safer, wealthier, healthier life for you and your loved ones.

The Laws of Mental Radionics tell us that your mind is a simple, but powerful Radionics device. A Radionics device creates Rune magic at a distance. You need three working principles for all Radionic Devices; a power source (your mind); an intention (symbol, wish, idea, thought) and a target, either your Aura (energy field) or the Aura or energy field of another. There is no distance or time as far as the science of Mental Radionics is concerned.

The Laws of Mental Radionics fit hand in glove with the Laws of Quantum Physics, and the working principles of the Quantum Ocean.

Simply speaking, when you think of or look at a Runic symbol, your mind actually touches it. It touches the Runic Symbol in your mind or in hand, if you are holding one, and also in the ithe Quantum Ocean. Your mind is the Power source that nakes the connection.

The Runic Symbol is the intention and your Aura (energy field) is the target.

Since there is no time nor space in the Quantum Ocean, the runic energy does not “Flow" from it to your Aura. It “Blinks" there instantly.

When you hold the Runic symbol in your mind's eye and it connects to the Runic energy in the Quantum Ocean, in the same instant it “Blinks" into your Aura.

It's there, but you must now use it.

An important step in becoming a Rune Sorcerer is using the Laws of Mental Radionics to create a space in your mind for the 18 Runic energies. This will be your Rune workspace. This will be similar to designating a space in your computer for a particular software programe.

Build your own mental Radionics workspace.

I use several of them that I have built in my mind. Let me share one with you so that you can have an idea of how to build one on your own. Have fun and build one of your own.

When I am about to perform my Rune Sorcerer work or just to bask in the powerful Creative energies of the Runes, I picture myself sitting on a throne on a ledge high in the Northern mountains. I am sitting at the Top of the World. Behind me on this ledge is a huge cave where I keep my mental runic tools.

From my throne, I can look out and see the clouds below me, knowing that all the physical world exists below the clouds. Above me is the vastness of the indigo sky with the stars shinning brightly.

Directly in front of me is a large wooden FA Rune. Then circling me completely from left to right (clockwise) are all the other 18 runes. I am encircled by the 18 Runes of the Younger Futhark.

Whenever I want to use a Rune or several Runes, in a ritual, I just look at them. They take on a bright glow and I know that the Runic energy from the Quantum Ocean has just empowered that Rune.

I use my mind to bring that Runic energy into my Aura. Then I project to wherever or to whoever I want to. This is the simplicity of rune mental radionics work.

I have used this image in my mind as my Rune Sorcery workshop. This is where I do my ‘work. ’ Start building yours. There are no shortcuts. Odin once said, “the magic is in the price that has been paid. " He hung for 9 days and gave up one eye to get his magic. You need to use mental radionics to get your magic.

By the way, I often invite Odin, Thor, Freya or any of the other Northern God/Goddess's to join me on my mountain top and I have interesting conversations with them.

Think this is Crazy? Well try it and then give me feed back.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70 , in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wifr Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

To see more of his writings visit his websites. and

Or go to goggle and type in his pen name RAGNAR STORYTELLER for his listings. He is also a ghost writer and will write and article for you. Email Ragnar for his FREE 10 PART MINI-COURSE, “How-To use Quantum Physics in Your Every Day Life to Attract More Wealth, Health and Love, Now. " You can contact him at


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