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7 Steps to Change Anything in Your Life


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Here are the seven steps that will allow a person to change anything in his or her life with ease, grace and harmony.

1. Make it your intention to change and let go of your attachment to a time frame.

Intention is the starting place of all change. You must consciously choose to change. Letting go of a time frame may be a little bit harder to do, but it is quite necessary. Expecting it to happen in a certain time frame will only block the energy flow and slow down your delivery. If you really choose to change, you will. So be easy on yourself, you have already begun the process.

2. Focus on what you do have that you are grateful for; qualities in yourself, your relationships, the things that you have.

Gratitude is a very powerful tool for creation. When you are really and truly grateful, you will feel it. Gratitude feels good, and good feelings are an indication that you are on the right path, that you are connected to God. You will be more creative and more in the flow when you are feeling good

The outward action is not important here; simply allow yourself to be moved by the warm and comforting feeling of gratitude that lives deep in your heart.

Can you feel the gratitude deep inside your body? Go on, right now, find something you are grateful for and feel how good that feels. Now, if you took the few seconds it took to have that moment you just allowed health, wealth, abundance and well-being into your life for a brief moment. This is real power at work. This is your power at work.

With practice you can do it for more than a brief moment. Soon it becomes a way of life. . .

3. Focus on what you do want and how it will make your life better.

Focusing on how your desire will or will not come is rarely useful. This often builds resistance because in most cases you have no idea of how your desire is going to come to you. The worry that comes with the “how" of it, including the limited channels in which you believe it can come through, limit how it can come to you.

Focus instead on what you do want. How will having it make your life better? What will you experience when you have it? How will you feel? The dreamy good feeling state created by this train of thinking opens up you up to receive that which you desire.

When your energy is open you will receive inspiration. You will know what the next step to take is and when it is time to take it. This could take days or weeks, so be patient and be open. Usually by the time the thing you want shows up it does not even seem like a miracle. You learned what you needed to learn so that you could have it. By this point you have gone through enough changes that you have become such a match to what you desire that its manifestation is just what must happen next.

The more you learn to focus and shift your energy the quicker things will manifest in your life.

4. Focus on memories of good times.

Focusing on memories of good times will change how you feel. Go ahead try it now. Think of a rejuvenating vacation you took, or a really juicy romantic experience, or remember the lovely times spent with children.

Please take just a moment right now and really try it. Really it only takes a few seconds. Stop reading, close your eyes, imagine and remember.

Notice how your feeling state changes. We can use our past to open us up to receiving. When you feel good you are open. When you feel bad you are closed.

I create things all the time by the way I focus my mind. I know many others who do it too. So can you!

5. Take action in a direction that feels good.

Follow your best feeling option in this now moment of time. Sometimes petting the cat, walking the dog, playing with the kids, or going to the beach is the best action.

What are the options that you can see right now? If there are none, wait, enjoy whatever you have that you can enjoy. Don't worry. When you have options feel your way through them. Think about how it is to follow a certain path, then feel how it feels. Then think about the other options you have in the same way, and feel how it feels! Then take the path that feels the best. Your feelings are an awesome guide. They will never steer you wrong. Feelings can change, and when they do it is time to re-evaluate your thoughts and the path you are on.

6. Have faith in Life, faith in God. . . have faith that the next moment will take care of itself.

Remember the next moment will take care of itself. It always does. There is a saying that goes, “Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday. "

Now with all I teach about deliberate creation, and how our thoughts create, isn't it reassuring to know that it keeps turning out? Even though you have been worrying, it still turns out. How much better will it turn out if you stop worrying? If you do not know the answer to your problems or concerns forget about them for a while.

Tomorrow WILL take care of itself. It really will. Soon enough you will know the answer, you will experience how it all plays out. Use those experiences to reassure yourself, to give you faith, that all is well. . . always!

7. Release fear and objections raised in your mind by focusing on steps 2,3,4 & 6.

You have heard it said that “NOW" is the only time that exists. Well it is true, and life is a series of “now" moments strung together. This is why it is necessary to repeat this list of steps over and over. Your focus on the things that make you feel good opens you up to receive the guidance that comes in step 5.

Often, after people have done steps 1-4, they get quite excited when they do clearly receive the guidance that comes in step 5. Yet too many expect the whole enchilada to fall into their lap right away.

Often you have a number of shifts to make before you become a match to your desire and your goal fully manifests. So it becomes a loop of doing all of these steps many times to complete the entire journey.

Fear and objections will come. The bigger the goal, the bigger the fear and objections will be. Don't worry that you have to repeat steps 2,3,4, & 6. Don't worry that step 5 will come around again. It's just the never-ending journey of life.

Love and Blessings,
Michael Skowronski

Michael Skowronski writes about experiences and thoughts that changed his life and made him embrace a higher level of spiritual wisdom in his blog He is the author of the book entitled Unforgettable: A Love and Spiritual Growth Story - an unusual love story and time-proven wisdom.


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