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God Is Always Good - Even When Life Isn't

Vivian Gordon

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If you have ever felt abandoned by God, you're not the only one. Time and time again in His Word, people throughout history felt that God had left them to fend for themselves. And also time and time again, these same people learned that this was not the case. First of all, God promises His children that He will never leave them nor forsake them. So, it's natural to just know that sometimes the answers to our prayers just might be “No". If this is the case, we usually recognize this as God not hearing us. If we are a bonafide follower of Jesus Christ, there is no way He can't hear us when we cry out to Him. He wants us to trust Him in turning a bad situation into the very best for us. This is never easy, but very essential if we ever hope to acheive growth and maturity as a Christian. It's called “growing pains".

Recently my husband appealed the case over his house one more time. Since the death of the person who was suing him had happened before the judge's final verdict, we were so sure it would change the outcome. We were positive this was what God had appointed. Much to our disappointment, this was not the case. It was as if this woman never passed away. Her heir was now in line for everything that was awarded to her. Now her boyfriend will inherit this house. All along we thought we were fighting for one thing and we discovered that due to the negligence of our very own lawyer, this case turned into a partition for the property with back rent owed to her. This was quite a slap in the face, especially when we believed that God would vindicate us from the works of those who were wicked in His sight. I was dumbfounded at first, and wondered what good it was to have faith in the heavenly Father if He could allow us to lose our home. It just didn't make sense. However, He showed me some things and I realized how foolish I had been to ever doubt Him. My husband on the other hand wanted nothing more to do with God. He felt betrayed and abandoned. He even quit going to church for a month. There was nothing I could say to him, he didn't want to hear about the goodness of God. It was at this point, my only plan of attack was prayer for him in understanding that God is good all the time.

I wanted to tell Him that God was still in the middle and it isn't over yet. It's a reality that we still have to move and give it all up. Prayer is powerful because now what my husband realizes is this. . . this house is a sacrifice to the Lord. God will provide us with another house. He simply wants us out of here! We must obey Him and walk away for whatever reason. After all. . . He does know best!

The wonderful reality of God's Word is that it still applies to us today. When we come to a fork in the road, the only way out is to go back to the beginning. I knew I had to get out of the victim mode and realize that we are victorious. God is always faithful to show us exactly what we need to know. I was led to the book of Habakkuk. Not much is ever mentioned of this book, but in these 3 short chapters, it's packed with so much truth about God's goodness in spite of how our lives look in the midst of those who seek to destroy us.

Like Habakkuk, we wondered why God seemed to be indifferent towards those who weren't behaving properly. This woman who seemed set on destroying my husband and I, got everything she asked for, even though she didn't live according to God's laws. In fact, injustice seemed to surround us from every side.

But I keep remembering Psalm 28 when I invited God to be in the middle of this law suit over 2 years ago. David wrote this from a place of despair against his enemies. This psalm is a prayer for help, victory and praise.

"Do not drag me away with the wicked and with those who work iniquity, who speak peace with their neighbors, while evil is in their hearts. Requite them according to their work and according to the evil of their practices; requite them according to the deeds of their hands; repay them their recompense. Because they do not regard the works of the LORD, nor the deeds of His hands, He will tear them down and not build them up. " Psalm 28:3-5

Before this woman could triumph in her “so called" victory, she died most likely in a state of not being saved. And as if her death wasn't enough, the life of the “Master" who awarded everything to her was also cut off. He will never again preside his injustice over anyone again. But, we still lost our home and now owe court fees, even though neither of these people will receive their unjust gains. God has certainly repaid them according to their evil practices. Like Habakkuk, even though it appears that the wicked are getting away with murder, they aren't getting away with anything. This book has a valuable lesson on reaping and sowing. God uses people's unjust gains to destroy them. Habakkuk learned this when he went from fear to faith in a God who is good all the time, even when life wasn't.

Habakkuk questioned the Lord about the sinfulness of His children who turned to their wicked ways. He wanted to know why God wasn't punishing them. Like many of us, we wonder why God makes us look upon the iniquity of others and see His justice being perverted. (Hab. 1:2-4) But God broke His silence and gave Habakkuk His answer. In the next several verses, God spells it all out. Not only does God allow people to rise up against us, He will make it happen!

"For behold, I am raising up the Chaldeans, that fierce and impetuous people who march throughout the earth to seize dwelling places which are not theirs. " Hab. 1:6

What? You mean God puts our enemies over us? Actually no, He has a much bigger plan. We first have to take our eyes off ourselves, it's not about us. God is about salvation first, and judgment second. If we refuse to be redeemed in the blood of Christ, then we leave Him no other choce than to judge us according to our sins. So, the very people He raised against His own disobedient children to chastise them, were not victorious. On the contrary, God used their wickedness to destroy them. He never rebuilt them up again.

This book contains 5 “Woes" concerning the Chaldeans. The word “woe" means to stop and pay attention to it. It means the righteous judgment of God is being pronounced. When God says “Woe" He means it. There is a consequence to pay if His warning is ignored.

You can read these warnings in verses 6, 9, 12, 15 and 19 of chapter two. God used the self-righteousness, self-assuredness, self-sufficiency, self-defiancy and deadliness of the Chaldeans to destroy them.

The true message in this book is the core of the gospel today. The mark that distinguishes the righteous from the unjust is whether we trust in ourselves or do we live by faith? God tells Habakkuk to wait upon Him. This takes faith. God is still in control and time will achieve His goals. His Word never returns void, it never fails. It's we who fail to wait upon Him, because we lack faith. But here's where Habakkuk went from fear to faith.

"I will stand on my guard post and station myself on the rampart; and I will keep watch to see what He will speak to me, and how I may reply when I am reproved. " Hab. 2:1

All God is concerned about is how we grow in Him. Habakkuk learned to praise God in what he first thought was an unfair judgment. But when he saw the bigger picture his faith outgrew his fear. I choose to learn a valuable lesson from Habakkuk. If God be for me, who then can be against me? God is working on the outcome of where He wants us to be so that He will get all the honor and glory! Hallelujah!

"Yet I will exult in the Lord, I will rejoice in the God of my salvation. The Lord God is my strength, and He has made my feet like hinds’ feet, and makes me walk on my high places. " Hab. 3:18,19

Have you recognized your need of a Savior today? If so, ask God for His forgiveness of your sins. Confess with all your heart that Jesus died, rose again and reigns on heaven's throne as Lord and Savior. Invite Him into your heart to reign over your life. He's waiting for you.

Vivian Gordon writes inspirational and spiritual articles in which to help strengthen the Believer's walk in Christ. They are often taken from today's point of view and used in conjunction with what God says about certain situations and how we are to handle them. There is always an answer for every problem. These articles are not all about asking God “why?" but in finding the answers.

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