How to Learn Tibetan Reiki and Get Tibetan Reiki Attunement


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There are many different branches of Reiki. Tibetan Reiki is one of about ten or so different styles of Reiki, although each style refers to the same Reiki Energy.

As an aspiring student of Tibetan Reiki, I think it would be wise for you to get a good idea of exactly what Reiki Energy is and if being attuned to Reiki energy is something you'd like to do.

Reiki energy is said to be an energy that emanates from the hands. Dr. Usui, who discovered the energy in the early 20th century, says that it is “healing without energy depletion".

A reiki practitioner will make symbols and gestures as well as lay his or her hands on a patient and it is believed that Reiki energy can cure or help most any ailment or disease.

The process of becoming a Reiki Master of Tibetan Reiki is similar to that of becoming a Reiki Master for many of the other branches. It requires one to be attuned to the three reiki levels, one after the other in succession. The attunements each open up the availability for further power of the energy and also special symbols used in healing. At the highest level, a Reiki practitioner is said to be able to heal at a distance and pass on Reiki training to others.

I know that a lot of people aren't going to believe that Reiki Energy exists or can heal, but I personally have seen some startling results. As with most things in life, I tell those who don't believe to try it themselves and then decide, not the other way around.

With the advent of the internet, a strong Reiki community has developed and allows Reiki Self-Attunement and Study at the student's leisure with a Reiki Home Study Course. I do a full review of Reiki Home Study Courses at this website .

Bradley Spencer has spent years with New Age studies and practices meditation and yoga. Having spent a great deal of money and time on Reiki, he helps lead other students to find a program that suits them well.

Please see this review of Reiki Classes to see if one fits your needs.


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