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Dr. Mikao Usui formed the understanding of Reiki the way we know it today. He sums up the study and practice of Reiki Energy Healing this way: “Just for today, do not worry. Just for today, do not anger. Honor your parents, teachers, and elders. Earn your living honestly. Show gratitude to everything. " With that simple statement, Reiki Energy Healing training can be understood and attained.

But, like many studies, different schools of thought have arisen about how to carry out the Training, Certification, and Courses designed to “teach" or attune a new student to Reiki Energy.

I have come to believe that the best way to approach Reiki is to get a book or Reiki Energy Healing home course and Perform a Self-Attunement. The process is quite simple if you follow the directions exactly, and any home-course worth it's weight in salt work perfectly.

My experience in both in-person Reiki Attunements and Self-Attunements have taught me that books are at least as good as in-person attunements for four reasons:

1. Books allows a truly wonderful Master Reiki instructor to attune you when the Reiki instructor may otherwise be booked for months or be in a distant location: Books can get you a better attunement than just the “local" Reiki class.

2. You can attune yourself and get used to your own power from the get go: The most important part of Reiki attunement is firm belief and practice. I firmly believe that attuning yourself can help you to build both the belief in yourself and the perseverance to practice and develop your Reiki power.

3. You can go back over the course whenever you feel it necessary: Refresher anyone?

4. You get to join an online community of others who are learning Reiki right alongside you: A community of people is a resource that truly cannot be matched. You will stick with the practice longer if you have a group of people supporting you and that you support.

Many modern Reiki Energy Healing courses would have you believe that in-person attunements are the only way to go. Obviously, Reiki attunements can be very expensive- particularly if you have to travel to attend them.

If there is a Reiki Master that says you have to be in his or her presence to do an attunement, ask him or her how Dr. Usui originally spread his idea and attuned the first Reiki Students.

The answer is through books. Dr. Usui spread the word of Reiki Attunement through books!

Once you have done your own home Reiki Energy Healing attunement and moved up to Reiki Level 1, 2, or 3, your next step is to find a great Reiki partner.

But that's another lesson altogether. . .

Bradley Spencer has spent years with New Age studies and practices meditation and yoga. Having spent a great deal of money and time on Reiki, he helps lead other students to find a program that suits them well.

Please see this review of Reiki Classes to see if one fits your needs.


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