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When i was a teenager i had this bad habit of listening to my favourite songs again and again. I would play it back a dozen times till my mother would get fed up and press the Stop button of the sound system. She would thank God that the manufacturers of the sound system also designed a Stop button. It was funny in a way when i recall all those events. . Over the years I discovered a system which did not have a Stop button and which kept playing on and on for the rest of my life. . . . .

Human mind is the most fascinating object in this world. It does not have a Stop button. It keeps thinking twenty fours hours a day. It never gets tired. . . It never sleeps. It keeps playing back everything that you want. You can insert any Cd, Dvd, or cassette into it and it keeps playing. It never stops. . . .

I was quite amazed at the brilliance of the person who created this human mind. It does not need electricity, it does not need batteries, no maintenance no overhauling and it keeps running day in and day out for a hundred years non-stop. . . . . Brilliant stuff isn't it. . . . ?

Yesterday i met a man who repeats only one word all through the day. . . He says the word plays back on its own. It does not require any effort from his side. He has fine tuned his mind to work on auto-pilot. This man is a billionaire. . . . . Great man ! By the way Money is not what he thinks all day. . . . .

Today i met another woman who does not speak a single word all through the day. . . The best part is the whole world wants to speak to her. . . . She writes her message on a piece of paper. She says i have fine tuned my mind to remain silent. “I have discovered the Stop button in my mind and i switch it on only for couple of hours in a day. I have programmed my mind to repeat only one word during these two hours. The remaining twenty two hours i disown my own mind. . . . " is what she says. This women is one of the greatest self realized women in the world. . Great women ! By the way God is not what she thinks all day. . . .

As I write this post i met another child who had a great dream. . . . To manufacture a new brand brain which would build in all the features of the wealthy man above and the spectacular traits of the silent spiritual women . . . This young child has a dream to manufacture this Brand New Brain and present it to every human being in this world. . . That young child my dear friend is YOU . This young kid is sitting in some corner within you desperately waiting for you to press the Stop Button. It wants to show you, YOUR dream. It wants to share with you that one secret word which would put you in the path to glory. . . . It wants to tell you that your mother would not shout at you when you get this Brand New Brain. . . It comes for free. . . but you have to step out of your haunted house. . . . . You have been holed inside it for too long. . . . . Break Free. . .

You dare not disappoint this young kid within you. . . . . Press the Stop button right now. . . . . . .

Lecturer, entrepreneur and Fortune 500 business consultant, Vish Writer is the author of the Amazon No 1 bestseller, “The Joy of Becoming God" For more information, visit: http://www.spiritual-simplicity.com http://www.vish-writer.com


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