Guided Meditation: The Super Power Cleanse

Daniella Breen

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This guided meditation takes you through a powerful energy and chakra cleanse and energise! take your time reading through the meditation. Use your imagination to follow the guided imagery presented below.

Focus on your breathing Feeling it move right through your body gathering up all of the negative energy with it like a net And as you exhale, feel it drag all of the gunk out through your feet and into Mother earth With every breath go through the same process Breathing in the net feel it dragging through your body gathering the gunk and with each exhale, removing the gunk through the bottom of your feet Feel your body getting clearer and lighter as the gunk is removed

Now imagine a panel of brilliant light above your head As this panel moves down through your body, see it lighting up every cell, every organ, every bone, muscle, your skin. . . Feel it nourish and mend your body leaving it sparkling clean and clear, vibrant and alive

Now watch as a spiralling column of light begins to emerge in the center of your body See bubbles of light trickling up through the column, spiraling upwards with light and energy Feel it livening you up as it raises your energy

As you experience this wonderful light you notice where your base chakra sits - a beautiful red ball emerging As it shows itself clearer and clearer, see it sparkling and spinning, filled with the same bubbles of light

Once it becomes clear, you notice an orange ball above it also sparkling and spinning, bright and clear Feel it raising you upwards even further, feeling light and clearer

Now above that, a yellow ball appears - beautiful and bright, sparkling and clear

Now above that the green and pink ball - also in beautiful bright condition Feel it open your heart and energise it

Now above that, a bright light blue ball, It looks so magical, so beautiful!

Above that a deep purple-blue ball flashing colours and bubbles as it spins and plays

Finally, a brilliant purple ball flaming with beauty As you watch your entire energy field is reaching far out beyond your physical body It begins moving with waves rippling through it from centre to the outer edges Over and over again as beautiful bubbles of light flush through the energy field You feel yourself getting lighter, clearer, Until you feel completely cleansed and empowered When you are ready, return to your body.

Daniella Breen B. Sc. (Psych) has been a spiritual healer and teacher since 1997. She runs the on-line where she runs live chat meditations and healing circles - all are welcome here from beginners to professionals.


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