Persevering Prayer Always Wins: God Yields to Persistent and Faithfulness, He Has No Heart to Say No


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Persevering prayer always wins; God yields to persistent and faithfulness. He hasn’t the heart to say No to a praying person like this. In the case with Moses; in reality God’s purpose to destroy Israel was changed by the praying of this man of God. This is only one illustration of how much just one person praying is worth in this world, and how much depends on this one person. Could this one person be you? Think about it!

When Daniel, in Babylon, refused to obey the decree of the king not to pray to any god or man for thirty days; Daniel shut his eyes to the decree which would shut him off from his praying room. He refused to be put off from calling upon God from the fear of the consequences if he obeyed the king. So he “knelt down on his knees three times a day”, and prayed as he had so many times before, leaving it all with God; the consequences of disobeying the king.

There was nothing unfriendly about Daniel’s praying. It always had an objective, and was an appeal to his great God, who could and would do all things according to His will. There was no pampering for him self, nor was he looking for one-sidedness, nor did he respond adversely to authority. In the face of the dreadful decree which was to quickly remove him from his position and power, into the lion’s den, “he kneeled on his knees three times a day, and gave thanks to God as (before). ” The gracious result was that his prayer laid its hands upon an Almighty arm, which came in that den of vicious, cruel lions and closed their mouths and preserved His servant Daniel, who had been true to Him and who had called upon Him for protection. Daniel’s praying was an essential factor in defeating the king’s decree and in embarrassing the wicked, envious rulers, who had set the trap for Daniel in order to destroy him and remove him from position and power in the kingdom.

Let me ask you some questions. Are you living true to God? Are you calling out to your Father? Is God the Father the same today as He was in Moses’ and Daniel’s day? Are you faithful in prayer or at least faithfully praying over your food? Do you expect God to help you in your time of need?

When we say that prayer puts God to work, it is simply to say that people have it in their power by prayer to move God to work in His own way among them, in a way He would not work if the prayer was never made. Consequently, while prayer moves God to work, at the same time God puts prayer to work. As God has ordained prayer, and as prayer has no subsistence except from truly born again people, so God involves His people. Then understandably prayer is the one force which puts God to work in earth’s affairs through people and their prayers.

THE possibilities of prayer are gauged by faith in God’s ability to do. Faith is the one prime condition by which God works. Faith is the one prime condition by which man prays. Faith draws on God to its full extent. Faith gives character to prayer. A feeble faith has always brought forth feeble praying. Vigorous faith creates vigorous praying. At the close of a parable, “And he spoke a parable unto them to this end, that men always ought to pray, and not to faint, ” in which He stressed the necessity of vigorous praying, Christ asks this pointed question, “When the Son of Man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” If more information is required on prayer and faith please see my blog at and leave a comment. For prayer or any questions you may have, leave the request in the comment section and I will answer back as soon as I can. Keep praying to the Great I AM


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