You Gotta Have Faith


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There is faith and there are faith stealers. Striving, grasping, worrying, obsessing, manipulating, struggling, and doubting are all faith stealers, they give you no peace. On the other hand, the faith builders: prayer, surrender, trusting the process, love, following the guidance you get, these are the things that bring comfort and resolution. When you catch yourself doing any of the faith stealers, stop! Remind yourself what faithfulness looks like. Let faith guide your actions.

Remember that God is closer to you than your own breath, it is up to you to stay plugged in to this source, but it is easy, because God is everywhere. We are immersed in God as a fish is in water. Simply recall that this is the world in which you live, a world where goodness and mercy follow you all the days of your life, when you let God run it. When you meet a challenge in your daily life, simply ask God to handle it, don’t even get in the struggle – take a minute, pray, surrender and trust the process. The more your experiences of doing this are affirmed the stronger grows your faith. Like a muscle being exercised, exercise your faith and it will grow strong.

Trust the God in you to lead you in paths of righteousness and to give you life abundantly. This trust builds your own God-sense or intuition. You will know when God is directing because you have trained your muscle to discern truth. Follow this guidance without hesitation. It will not fail you.

Dr. Darnise Martin is a spiritual life teacher and author. Shaped by her advanced studies in New Thought philosophy, Myth and Religion and Christian History, she is an author and speaker who helps people become self-empowered. She is the author of Beyond Christianity: African-Americans in a New Thought Church, a case study of African-Americans in New Thought religions available through and New York University Press. Visit her website at

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You Gotta Be Positive!
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