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Olga Moe

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When I worked in the basement of a huge nursing facility I comprehended the clumsiness of our physical world. It dawned on me just how much material stuff we drag around with our flesh in order to survive. Thought is instantaneous and much more efficient. In the physical world we have thought plus all the mechanics needed in order to pull that thought off.

Tons of human waste came down the chute every day wrapped up in bed pads. It was required that these pads be sorted, washed, dried folded and put back upstairs again. Soon they would be plopping down the chute again full of human waste. So my job was to process the results of the eating cycle required for residents to maintain their material being. The irony is that most of these people were no longer dwelling in that corporeal dimension. They were already zipping around in the universe of thought and gadding with their dear old departed cronies.

Think of this. Gallons and gallons of hot water, machine maintenance, labor and compensation were expended enabling these people to maintain their flesh existence. It was all done by human energy. Food was acquired, prepared, served, and washed up which required tons more hot water and labor and compensation as well. The human machine was engaged in full force maintaining these bodily creatures.

I see a spiritual essence, and then I see a slow, bulky, exhausting, massive, gravitational, and often unmanageable coat wrapped around it which is called an incarnation. Energy precedes matter, so everything we do is initiated by a thought. That thought however, is weighed down by an immensely thick substance once it tries to interface with the material world.

Let’s say we are cold. First of all, this condition exists only in the earth dimansion to begin with. We have to find a tree or a hunk of coal somewhere. We have to figure out a way to light it. We have to gather enough burning material to sustain it. Only then can we get warm but the relief is temporary until we stop the work and return again to being cold.

Hungry? We have to search for a plant or an animal. We have to sometimes prepare the plant, and always prepare the animal. Then you have to stuff it in our mouths. Finally we are fed, but this relief is only temporary until we do it all again. Of course, we are assuming that our legs work well enough to perform this tasks, that the climate enables us and there are no predators poised to snatch us or our booty away. We also would be hindered if we had the flu.

So you see what I mean? Let’s say you are dreaming, which is the universe of thought, and you misplace an object in that dream. You remember where it is and you are able to zip right to it and retrieve it because you are not encumbered by mass. In earth world you may remember where it is, but you still have hurdles to go through. Because of space, which is an earthly concept, you still have to find transportation even if it is just your legs, and you need linear time which is nonexistent in the universe of thought. If you were wrong in your idea of where it was supposed to be, you still have to engage in more time and space activity. You have to go back to where you came from so you can pull up another idea.

There might be obstacles blocking your way. A traffic jam, a car wreck, or a snow storm would definitely delay you for a while. This is where we get into the concept of uncertainty. We are not allowed to match our desires exactly with the material elements required to fulfill those desires. Our ideas are restricted severely by matter. It is believed by some that if the energy is strong enough it is capable of moving obstacles around in order for the idea to manifest. For others, no matter how strong the mental urge, they are never able to conquer the deleterious effects of opposing bodily forces. The results can be extremely grim. For that person, the only hope for fulfillment or relief comes from anticipating the ease they will experience once they return again to the spirit world.

Hey, I like being here on earth. I think it is an interesting experience and I’m glad to learn from it in the time that I am here. Of course, I got lucky and was handed a physical environment which supports me rather than annihilates me. That helps. I don’t know how I would feel if my environment were out to get me, which in a way is true for all of us anyway. I think I would probably just wish to go home sooner.

Olga Moe lives on an island in the Puget Sound. She is known mostly for her fiction contributions to literary e-zines which can be found at


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